1000 Youth-Owned Enterprises in a 100 Days Frequent Asked Questions (NYDA Grant Programme)

1000 Youth-Owned Enterprises in a 100 Days Frequent Asked Questions (NYDA Grant Programme)  (FAQs)

1. How do I apply?

You need to visit the NYDA website and click on the Products and Services dropdown tab and select the NYDA Grant Programme. Read up on the programme to see if your eligible for funding and put together the required documentation.  Visit one of our branches or district offices to go through a pre-assessment process.  Or APPLY HERE

2. How long does it take to apply for a NYDA Grant?

Young people are advised to visit a branch or district office that is nearest to them to go through a pre-assessment process before they apply for a grant. This is to establish if you meet the qualifying criteria and to assess the nature of your business and enroll you through our Business Management Training. The entire process could take up to 30 days.

3. Can NPO’s be assisted?

The NYDA receives daily requests from young people, schools, community centres or NGO’s seeking assistance. We acknowledge that we cannot assist every young person in need however, in response to these once-off solicitations, the agency allocates an annual budget through the Thusano Fund. The Fund functions over and above the organisations’ sponsorships and is aimed at assisting small scale, immediate necessities.

4. Does NYDA assist with a Business Plan?

The Entrepreneurship Development Programme is aimed at creating a conducive environment for young entrepreneurs to access relevant entrepreneurship skills, knowledge, values and attitudes for their businesses. Through the Business Management Training, we offer approved and accredited training by ILO, The International Labour Organisation. Start Your Business (SYB) is the largest global business management training programme. It assists small scale entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses and create employment. The course offers a 5-day training that also covers how to prepare a business plan.

Over and above the training the NYDA provides additional assistance through the Business Consultancy Services Programme, through which aspiring or existing entrepreneurs are assisted with various interventions including developing a business plan.  

5. How long does the Business Management Training?

The Business Management Training offers different courses that respectively take up to 3-6-days, depending on the specific needs of the young person and the level of the business. The trainings are conducted in groups of 30 – 50 youth. 

The courses are as follows:

• GYBI – Generate Your Business Idea

• SYB – Start Your Business

• IYB – Improve Your Business (1and 2)

6. Can I apply online?

Young people are advised to visit their nearest branch to have a direct interaction with one of our staff members and to go through a pre-screening process that will assess the need of their business. We do have information and application forms online for young people to familiarize themselves with the process and required documentation. APPLY HERE

7. What is the maximum amount that one can request?

The 1000 in 100 project, a collaboration between the Presidency, The Department of Small Business Development and the NYDA, aims to support businesses operated by young people in the township and rural economies stimulate township-rural economies. 

This special project thresholds start from funding requirements of R1,000.00 to a maximum of R100,000.00 according to the following thresholds for individuals and enterprises including cooperatives:

Threshold | Stage of Business Development | Grant Amount Range

1. Idea generation and survivalist (start-ups) | R1,000 – R10,000

2. Start Ups PTY’s and Cooperatives |R10,001 – R50,000

3. Growth Stage Pty and Cooperatives | R50,001 – R100,000

For more Information: Visit 1000 Youth-Owned Enterprises in a 100 Days Frequent Asked Questions

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