1014 EPWP Green Army To Receive Stipend Today

1014 EPWP Green Army To Receive Stipend Today

1014 EPWP Green Army To Receive Stipend Today

UPDATE ON PAYMENT OF STIPENDS FOR 6000 EPWP GREEN ARMY PARTICIPANTS – The department continues the process of finalizing the stipends of all Green Army participants. A further 905 participants received their stipends on Monday, 23 July.

1014 participants will receive their payments on 27th July. Another batch of payments will be on Monday, 31 July, as outstanding documents are received. REMEMBER. II you have yet to receive your stipend, kindly confirm if all your documents submitted are in order, as outstanding documents can payment delays.
Visit the following link to check if you’re on the list to submit outstanding documents: shorturl.at/drtFS

For further information, please get in touch with the coordinators of your region as follows:

1.     City of Johannesburg – Ms Gugu Nevondo – 011 2403090 | [email protected]

2.     City of Tshwane – Ms Lydia Mabena – 011 240 2664 | [email protected]

3.     City of Ekurhuleni – Mr Cecil Mathye – 011 240 3031 | [email protected]

4.     Sedibeng – Mr Mmupi Mogoboya – 011 240 2533 | [email protected]

5.     Westrand – Ms Pulane Montoeng-0112402583 | [email protected]

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