Pak-Turk Researchers’ Mobility Grant Program 2019/2020 for Turkish and Pakistani Students

Deadline: November 15, 2019

Pak-Turk Researchers’ Mobility Grant Program is one of the upshot of Turkish-Pakistani cooperation within the scope of internationalisation effort of higher education systems. It is implemented in Turkey by the Council of Higher Education (CoHE) and in Pakistan by the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

The objective of this program is to develop new scientific and technological cooperation between Turkish and Pakistani higher education institutions by supporting the mobility of graduate students and academic staff.

The program aims at provision of only mobility grant for any research project to be initiated at HEIs, supported by the own institution or by other donors. HEC and the Turk counterpart will provide funding for travel and living expenses to the researchers for their approved projects.

The priority areas in 2019-20 are;

Energy Technologies
Food Technologies
Sustainable Environmental Technologies
Material Science
Smart Transportation Systems
​Robots and Smart Systems

The application completed in all aspects should reach to Higher Education Commission both through Hard and soft copies till November 15, 2019 before 1700 hours PST. Please visit “How to Apply” section for Application submission.


  1. Projects are invited in the following priority fields only (for 2018 entries)
    Energy Technologies
    Food Technologies
    Sustainable Environmental Technologies
    Material Science
    Smart Transportation Systems
    Robots and Smart Systems
  2. The major cost of the project will be borne by the participating universities from Pakistan and Turkey.
  3. The program will support only mobility of the researchers to and from Pakistan.
    Active participation and mobility of young researchers, especially doctoral students (enrolled under supervision by the PI) is one of the key objective.
  4. Applicant must hold a regular faculty position at public/selected private sector university eligible for HEC research funding.
  5. Each project must be submitted simultaneously in Pakistan and Turkey.
  6. The proposals must be signed by the head of institutions as well.
  7. The host institution must guarantee having the needed capacities (e.g. working space) to accommodate the visiting fellows.
  8. Partner universities are required to sign Mevlana Exchange Programme Protocol for Turkey side.
  9. Maximum One research projects can be submitted by one PI for funding.
  10. Project life will be for one to three years.
  • ​The funding of the projects will be shared equally by the HEC and Turkey counterpart.
  • The funding for the core research project will be borne by the concerned Pakistani and the Turkey Universities/Labs/Institutes.
  • HEC and the Turkey counterpart will provide funding only for travel and living expenses of the researchers involved in the projects for visiting Pakistan and Turkey
  • The HEC Pakistan will cover;
    • Travel expenses of Pakistani Researchers to foreign: round trip including inland travel: @Rs.100,000
    • Living allowance of Pakistani Researchers in Turkey: @Rs.3000 per diem
Visits How many times? How long?
Graduate Students 1 max / per year 1 semester min. / 2 semesters max.
Academics 1 max / per year 15 days min. / 3 months max.


  • Contribution by the Turkey will cover;
    • Travel and Living expenses of Turkish researchers​
  • The funds will be provided on an annual basis, for maximum three consecutive years (till the life of project), according to the approved budget.
  • The renewal of the annual funding is subject to the submission of scientific and financial progress report at the end of each year.


  • ​Projects will be submitted on prescribed application form (downlaod)
  • Partners will have to submit the project simultaneously in Pakistan and Turkey.
  • Maximum two research projects can be submitted by one P.I. for funding.
  • CVs of Turkish and Pakistani researchers participating in the project should be attached to the application form.
  • Completed application (4 sets/copies) should reach at the following contacts by the 15th September, 2018.

    Pakistan side: (apply via postal mail & email)

    Assistant Director (BMP-R&D Division)

    Higher Education Commission, H9 Islamabad.

    Email: [email protected]

    Phone No: 051-90401927

  • Turkey side: (Apply online on the CoHE website: )

    Ms. Aysegul Kutay Gundogan
    Director, Academic Exchange and Support Programmes Division,
    Council of Higher Education (CoHE)
    Yükseköğretim Kurulu Başkanlığı, 06539 Bilkent / ANKARA
    Email: [email protected]

    For more Information: Visit the website for Pak-Turk Researchers’ Mobility Grant Program 2019/2020 for Turkish and Pakistani Students