Global Young Academy Asean Science Leadership (SLP) Programme 2019 for Young Asean Researchers ( fully funded)

Deadline: November 2019

Global Young Academy Asean Science Leadership (SLP) Programme 2019 for Young Asean Researchers

The ASEAN YSN is the official ASEAN platform for the young scientific (including social
science, arts and humanities) community to advance science in ASEAN. To promote
leadership, integrity and connectivity in the ASEAN Science, Technology and Innovation
ecosystem, ASEAN YSN have planned various flagship programmes including the ASEAN
Science Leadership Programme, ASEAN Emerging Researchers Conference and ASEAN
Online Collaborative Platform, ASEAN Responsible Conduct of Research Programme.

The ASEAN Science Leadership Programme (ASEAN SLP) is focused on the development of
collective leadership skills among early- and mid-career ASEAN researchers from all
disciplines and the strengthening of an intra-ASEAN research network that promotes
greater regional collaboration and sharing of best leadership practices.

Programme Structure
The ASEAN SLP 2019 is developed as a highly interactive workshop that includes training,
application, peer support and mentorship. Fellows will attend a 2.5-day, intensive on-site
programme in Hanoi, Viet Nam. Throughout the 2.5-day workshop, participants will be
involved in:

A. Skills-training:
 Elements of effective (collective) leadership
 Strategies towards effective collaboration and network building
 Creative and systems thinking
 Problem solving and decision-making skills
 Effective communication skills
 Stakeholder engagement skills
 Overcoming cultural inhibitions
 Monitoring and assessment of programme/leadership impact.

B. Strategizing the role of ASEAN Young Scientists within ASEAN YSN
 Promoting ASEAN YSN as an inclusive platform for young scientists to play a proactive
role in the region.
 Identifying opportunities and roles within ASEAN YSN and its flagship programmes.

Expected commitment
The ASEAN SLP is seeking ambitious and values-driven young researchers with high
leadership potential who are committed towards actively contributing to or establishing
their National Young Academies as well as promoting greater collaboration within a
network of young ASEAN researchers. Selected ASEAN SLP 2019 fellows will be expected to
continue interacting with other ASEAN SLP fellows via events and/or online means of
communication; and share their skill sets and experience with fellow researchers in their
respective countries.

Training, meal and accommodation costs will be covered by the organizers for all selected
fellows. Travel support will also be made available to selected fellows who require the
support. There will be some costs that will not be covered by the programme, such as travel insurance and vaccinations, for which the fellow may need to seek support from their local institution or fund personally.

Selection criteria and application process
Applicants will need to display compelling evidence of their leadership potential. This
potential can be demonstrated in areas such as research excellence, talent development,
advocacy, science advice, outreach, education etc. The selection process will not only
consider individual qualities but also focus on ensuring diversity of culture, subject
background (natural and social sciences, engineering, arts, humanities etc.) and gender
among the ASEAN SLP fellows. Where possible, the programme will also attempt to create
small nodes of leadership; multiple strong applicants from the same centre or country will
thus be considered.

4. The following criteria are used as a guide for the nomination and selection of fellows:
 A continuing research/academic position at a research institute, institution of higher
learning, or industry;
 A sustained record of outstanding scientific output;
 Interest in translating and communicating the results of their work to create positive
impact in society;
 Demonstrated leadership ability in research, academia and beyond;
 Interest in the role of research in addressing complex issues affecting society;
 Interest in collaborations across disciplines and sectors (e.g. industry, government,
 Desire to champion National Young Academies as the voice of young scientists
 Commitment towards engaging in the activities of the fellowship; and
 Intent to share what is learned in the programme with their broader networks.

All applicants have to provide two recommendation letters from their proposed referees
(details are provided in the ASEAN SLP 2019 Fellowship Application Form). Please ensure
that the support letters are sent from an accredited institutional email address. At least one
of the referees has to commit to be involved in future communications and mentorship of
successful ASEAN SLP fellows. This referee should express their willingness towards
supporting the ASEAN SLP fellow’s development as an academic leader.

Completed application forms should be sent to [email protected]  in a single email, ideally in a single PDF. Please ensure that referee letters are sent directly by the referee.

For more Information :Visit the website for Global Young Academy Asean Science Leadership (SLP) Programme 2019 for Young Asean Researchers