British Museum Endangered Material Knowledge (EMKP) 2020 Programme (EMKP) Worldwide ( Grant up to £70,000)

Deadline: 15th January 2020

The Endangered Material Knowledge Programme (EMKP) is a major grant-giving programme that supports research on material knowledge systems that are under threat and in danger of disappearing.

This includes knowledge systems associated with the making, use, repair and re-purposing of material objects, spaces, architecture, performances and environments. Our aim is to highlight, document, preserve and make accessible through an open-access digital repository a global record of endangered activities and knowledge.

Scholars from across the world can apply for funding to spend time with communities recording practices through a range of formats that include film, audio recordings, photographs, 3D and written records. We also strongly encourage applications that include reference to and/or use of existing museum collections, including, but not restricted to, the British Museum collections. This might include use of objects and images as an elicitation device or work that connects contemporary practices and knowledge systems with museum collections and catalogues.

EMKP was launched in 2018 and is funded by Arcadia – a charitable fund of Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin, and hosted by the Department of Africa, Oceania and the Americas at the British Museum.

EMKP provides three types of grants (further details can be found below):

  • small grants of one year duration and up to £15,000
  • large grants of up to two years and with a maximum value of £70,000
  • joint grants with the Endangered Languages Documentation Programme

Applications are peer reviewed by regional specialists and final decisions are made by the EMKP advisory board. Please note, if you are a PhD student we will require a letter of support from your supervisor. 

The grants cover all relevant fieldwork costs including equipment, travel, subsistence and allowances for research assistants and community collaborators.  We do not fund replacement teaching/salary costs for the principal investigator or co-investigators. We do not fund institutional overhead costs.

Successful applicants are invited to a a week-long training course, usually held in London in September, which is designed to provide practical and theoretical training in key skills needed during documentation and preparation for upload to the digital repository. The costs of this training are covered from a separate budget and it is not necessary to include these costs in your application.  

Click here to download the application guidelines

Endangered Material Knowledge Programme Grant Application Form – Small Grant 2020
Endangered Material Knowledge Programme Grant Application Form – Large Grant 2020

For more Information; Visit the website for the 2020 British Museum Endangered Material Knowledge (EMKP) 2020 Programme

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