Nigeria Custom Service Recruitment Past Questions and Answers PDF

NCS Examination Question Format
The Nigerian Custom Service Examination consist of three basic parts which are
i. English language
ii. Mathematics
iii. General Knowledge

English language
They consist of opposite in meaning,nearest in meaning and filling the gap. There are usually 20 questions in all.
They consist of percentage, ratio, simple interest, sets, probability, sets, statistics, conversions, simple and compound interest, age and work,are a and volumes,profits and loss e.t.c. In all there are usually 20 questions to answer.
General Knowledge
Thisquestionusuallycoversawideareaincludingtheothersubjectslikechemistry,physics, biology, history of Nigeria, Nigeria current affair, all about Nigerian Custom Service, World organizations such as OPEC,UN,ECOWAS, OAU as well as knowledge of information technology e.t.c. In all there are usually 10 questions, sometimes even 20 questions.


(50 Questions)

1. ——————————-decides what should be included or left out in a newspaper.
a. Publisher
b. Printer
c. Editor
d. Journalist ANS: C
2. A person who writes for newspapers or magazines is called a—————-
a. Journalist
b. Printer
c. Editor
d. Publisher ANS: A
3. Arrange these sentences in the correct order.
i. The passengers got out.
ii. The bus stopped at the corner.
Iii. They all looked tired after the trip.
a. i,ii,iii
b. i,iii,ii
c. ii,i,iii
d. ii,iii,i ANS: C
4. I went to the ——————— to watch a play.
a. Stage
b. Studio
c. Theatre
d. Chambers ANS: D
5. The lawn tennis match was played on a ————–
a. Court
b. Field
c. Stadium
d. Track ANS: A
6. Which of these can be described as minerals?
a. Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphur

b. Gold, Copper, Tin
c. Milk, meat,fish
d. Coke, Fanta, Mirinda ANS: B
7. I went to the ———————–to read and borrow some books.
a. School
b. Press
c. Stationery
d. Library ANS: D
8. The case was heard in the judge’s——-?
a. Court
b. Arena
c. Cell
d. Witnessbox ANS: A
9. She took rolls of tissue off the ———in the supermarket.
a. Shelves
b. Stalls
c. Desk
d. Checkout ANS: D
10. He went to the —————- to buy some tomatoes to plant.
a. Granary
b. Store
c. Nursery
d. Hatchery ANS: C
11. A doctor who treats animals is a ———-surgeon.
a. Medical
b. Veterinary
c. Vetinary
d. Vettinery ANS: B
12. We have an orange ———–behind our house.
a. Orchard
b. Farm
c. Garden
d. Bed ANS: A
13. The specialist who examines the eye for defects is an ———————
a. Optician
b. Eye surgeon
c. Optometrist
d. Opthamologist ANS: C
14. Which of these is odd ?
a. Jigawa
b. Kebbi
c. Ekiti
d. Zamfara ANS: C
15. Pupils are advised to cross the road at—
a. Roundabout
b. T junction
c. Children crossing
d. Zebra crossing ANS:D
16. A system where by a woman marries more than one man is ————–
a. Monogamy
b. Polygamy
c. Polyandry
d. Not in existence ANS: C
17. Which of the following is never true ?
a. Lizard lay eggs
b. Malaria is an airborne disease
c. Teachers are rich
d. Rice is a cereal ANS: B
18. Which of the following is an airborne disease.
a. cholera
b. Influenza
c. Dysentery
d. Guinea worm ANS: B
19. Which of these item does not form part of a first aid box.
a. Blade
b. Bandage
c. Chloroquine
d. Iodine ANS: C
20. All these animals live in water except
a. Frog
b. Lizard
c. Snake
d. Turtle ANS: B
21. Which of these is a communicable disease
a. Bacteria
b. Flu
c. Malaria
d. Dialysis ANS: B
22. Which of the under listed belong to the class Aves?
a. Monkey
b. Tadpole
c. Eagle
d. Rat ANS: C
23. Animals that chew their cud are——
a. Carnivores
b. Herbivores
c. Omnivores
d. Ominivores ANS: B
24. How many faces have a cuboid?
a. 4
b. 8
c. 6
d. 12 ANS: C
25. A farmer sold 35 bags of rice at 25% profit. If he sold each bag for ₦7500:00 .How much was his profit on 2/5 of the lot.
a. ₦1,875:00 b.
₦65,625:00 c.
d. ₦26,250:00 ANS: D
26. What is the product of 5Kg 350g and 9?
a. 45kg150g
b. 14kg350g
c. 48kg150g
d. 14kg150g ANS: C
27. If eight and a half tonnes of sugar is sold in bags of 5kg. How many bags are there to sell?
a. 1.7 bags
b. 17 bags
c. 170bags
d. 1700bags ANS: D
28. A farmer sold his cock at 20% loss.  If the cock was sold for  ₦21:00 what was  the initial worth of the cock?
a. ₦27:50
b. ₦25:20
c. ₦26:25
d. ₦20:20 ANS: C
29. In a class there are 50 pupils,if 15 of them are girls,what percentage are boys? a. 70%
b. 30%
c. 85%
d. 15% ANS: A
30. Write in words the sum of 31,004 and 117, 009.
a. Four hundred and twenty seven thousand and thirteen.
b. One hundred and forty eight thousand.

c. Fourteen thousand and three
d. One hundred and forty eight thousand and thirteen ANS: D
31. The first female to drive a car in Nigeria is
(a) Mrs. Olufunmilayo Ransome Kuti
(b) Mrs. BolanleAwe
(c) Mrs. MaryHerbert
(d) Noneoftheabove ANS: A
32. Who was the first prime minister of Nigeria?
(a) Sultan ofsokoto
(b) Alh. TafawaBalogun
(c) Alh. TafawaBalewa
(d) Alh.TafaBalewa ANS: C
33. The largest bird in the world is ……..
(a) Vulture
(b) Eagle
(c) Ostrich
(d) Swan ANS: C
34. The full meaning of the acronym “GSM” is
(a) Global SystemMobile
(b) General System Mobile Communication
(c) GlobalsystemofMobilecommunication
(d) GeneralSystem Mobile ANS: C
35. Nigeria as a country is not a member of which of the following:
(a) U.N.O
(c) AU
(d) Noneoftheabove ANS: D
36. NigeriachangedfromPounds toNairain (a)
(b) 1971
(c) 1970
(d)1975 ANS: A
37. Whose photograph appears in the N1000 note
(a) Clement Isong and Alh Tafawa Alewa
(b) Clement Isong and Alh Aliyu Kingibe
(c) Clement Isong and Aliyu Maibornu
(d) Alh Maikingibe andClementEffiong ANS: C
38. The Green and White colours in Nigeria Flag symbolize
(a) Agriculture andFinance
(b) Peace andProsperity
(c) Agriculture andTransparency
(d) Agricultureandpeace ANS: D
39. Who designed the National flag?
(a) Mr. TaiwoAkinkunmi
(b) Mr. TaiwoAkinyemi

(c) Mr. TaiyeAkinkumi
(d) Noneoftheabove ANS: A
40. University of Ilorin is a …………….generation University
(a) 1st
(b) 2nd
(c) 3rd
(d) 4th ANS: B
41. Which of these is the first Nigerian University?
(a) Obafemi Awolowo University
(b) University of  Ilorin
(c) University ofNsukka
(d) AhmaduBelloUniversity ANS: C
42. What is the meaning of CBT?
(a) Computer BasicTechnology
(b) Computer BasicTest
(c) Computer BasedTest
(d) Alloftheabove ANS: C
43. Nigeria Federal Capital Territory shifted from Lagos to Abuja in what year? (a) 1991
(b) 1989
(c) 1990
(d)1992 ANS: A
44. Nigeria celebrated her Silver Jubilee in the year …………… (a)
(b) 2010
(c) 1995
(d)2011 ANS: A
45. People who carry out experiments to investigate nature are called
(a) Scientist
(b) Experimentalist
(c) Experimentist
(d) Scientia ANS: A
46. Objects thrown up, always come down due to
(a) kinetic force
(b) potential force
(c) gravitational force
(d) Gravitational pull ANS: D
47. Human beings have different types of teeth and hence are referred to as
(a) Honodent
(b) Homodent

(c) Heterodent
(d) Isodent ANS: C
48. ICT Means
(a) Information and Communication Technology
(b) Information Communication Technology
(c) International Communication Technology
(d) Internal Community Technology ANS: A
49. Which of the following is proteinous in nature?
(a) groundnut
(b) millet
(c) beans
(d) guineacorn ANS: A
40. A man having 20 litres of petrol in his car, uses it for 600 km.How many kilometers will the same man travel with
19.25 litres.
(a) 577.5km
(b) 576.2 km
(c) 587.5km
(d)586.2km ANS: A