Youth Advocate Ghana (YAG) Program Officer Traineeship 2020 for Ghanaians

Deadline:  Sunday,7th March 2020

Applications are now open for Youth Advocate Ghana (YAG) Program Officer Traineeship 2020 for young Ghanaians.

Youth Advocates Ghana (YAG) is a youth-led national development organization. YAG works to improve the lives of children and young people in the area of sexual and reproductive health and rights, youth enterprise development, children’s rights, governance and youth participation in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) implementation, monitoring and accountability.

Youth Advocates Ghana (YAG) is committed to pushing further youth involvement in Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) achievement by working to develop ever more inclusive, progressive, thought-provoking and critically engaging programs, and through engaging duty bearers and young people to demonstrate beyond commitment to actions. With this in mind, and inspired by the hard work and dedication of YAG’s staff and necessitated by the dynamic growth of the organization, YAG is developing its Program Officer Traineeship Program. YAG sees this as a forward-thinking concept to bring into the organization more diverse and passionate young leaders than ever before while planning for the future of the organization and its assorted programs.

Why implement the YAG Program Officer Traineeship?

 YAG has consistently demonstrated its willingness to bring in young leaders to contribute to its programs, first and foremost considering the fact that YAG has always been a youth-led organization. In particular, as YAG looks to further expand its capacity for policy engagement, the organization is in search of passionate and driven leaders who can implement the charge for increased youth involvement in local, national, and international policy development. On the other hand, YAG sees regular staff turnover due to the inherently forward-thinking nature of its staff and thus is constantly searching for young leaders who can successfully contribute to its programmatic and policy impact.

 Who is YAG looking for?

YAG is first and foremost looking for passionate and driven young leaders willing and able to hit the ground running and contribute to the vital work of the organization in youth participation and involvement in the SDGs. In particular, YAG is calling on 18-25  year old doers, willing to commit to a voluntary, part-time involvement in YAG’s work. YAG expects to put a national call out, in an effort to bring in ten to fifteen Trainees. Furthermore, YAG is calling on individuals willing and ready to participate in YAG activities and programs, provide vital input in internal meetings and planning sessions, engage with policymakers, and represent YAG at the community level. YAG is calling in particular on young leaders passionate about development work and the implementation of the SDGs, while young women are particularly encouraged to apply. The program is open to both students and non-students and requires social media orientation and public speaking skills, technological savvy, and research skills.

Benefits of Joining YAG through the Program Officer Traineeship

Successful applicants to the Traineeship Program can expect a myriad of benefits from participation. YAG offers the opportunity to become a part of a dynamic, growth-oriented organization with a focus ranging from the grassroots to the international. Trainees will be involved in multiple areas of the organization depending on their individual skillset, from internal policy and program development to resource mobilization, project management, communications, and policymaker engagement. Trainees can further expect to deepen their understanding of the SDGs while honing skills in the implementation thereof. Trainees will be given opportunities to develop multifaceted professional skills, from public speaking through to media engagement and partnership development.

YAG Program Officer Traineeship Delivery Plan

The YAG Program Officer Traineeship Delivery Plan is as follows:

  • YAG will distribute a Call for Applications throughout its network of volunteers, local partners, and university campuses in search of applicants to fulfil a roster of ten to fifteen
  • YAG will develop interview guidelines so as to best identify those who have the most to offer and the most to gain from a successful application
  • YAG will review applicants, and select those who are successful
  • Successful applicants will be welcomed at the YAG main office with an orientation day, where they will be given in-depth awareness and understanding of the programs run by YAG, as well as the principles undergirding the organization
  • Following orientation, YAG Program Officer Trainees will set to work within YAG programs deemed most relevant to the Trainees’ skillsets and desired paths of growth
  • Following successful completion of the two-year Traineeship program and an internal review by YAG colleagues and staff, successful Trainees will be welcomed as Program Officers within YAG

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For more Information:  Visit the website for Youth Advocate Ghana (YAG) Program Officer Traineeship 2020