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Npower 2020 Recruitment | |

Application for Npower program 2020 for the newly intake batch C opens on the 26th of June 2020. Interested Nigerian youths can now register via the recruitment site Npower or follow link below

Npower 2020 batch C categories – Choose your programme

Health,Teach, Agro,Tax (Viads), Build,Creative,Tech Hardware,Tech software

N-POWER AGRO: The Federal Government is engaging qualified young Nigerians of any discipline through the N Power Agro programme. N-Power Agro beneficiaries will start to function as intermediaries between research and farmers. They will operate as facilitators and communicators, helping farmers in their decision-making and ensuring that appropriate knowledge is implemented to obtain the best results on farms.


  • Currently Unemployed
  • Graduate Degree (Bachelors or Higher National Diploma)
  • Must have completed the mandatory National Youth Service Corps Programme
  • Aged between 18-35


  • 2 Years

N-POWER HEALTH: Programme participants would be trained to provide the following essential services:

→ Monitor health status to identify and solve community health problems.
→ Diagnose and investigate basic health problems and health hazards in individuals and the community.
→ Inform, educate, and empower people about health issues.
→ Mobilize community partnerships and action to identify and solve health problems.
→ Develop policies and plans that support individual and community health efforts.
→ Educate on laws, regulations and policies that protect health and ensure safety.
→ Link people to needed personal health services.
In addition, successful applicants will also benefit from a compulsory employability and entrepreneurship skills development programme.

→ Currently unemployed
→ Must be a graduate (Bachelor’s Degree or Higher National Diploma)
→ Must have completed the mandatory National Youth Service Corps Programme
→ Aged 18-35
→ Selection Preference Disciplines: Bachelor’s degree or Higher National Diploma (HND)

Duration- 2 years

N-POWER TEACH: The N-Power Teach programme will engage qualified graduates for the benefit of basic education delivery in Nigeria. They are being deployed as teacher assistants in primary and secondary schools around Nigeria. They will not replace the current teachers, but will work as support teachers across Nigeria, assisting with teaching, school management and other functions within the schools. They will also assist in taking basic education to children in marginalised communities.
→Unemployed graduates
→Must be a graduate in any field or profession (Bachelors or Higher National Diploma)
→Must have completed the mandatory National Youth Service Corps Programme
→Ages 18-35
→ 2 Years

NPOWER TAX – The Federal Government seeks to encourage non-compliant and partially compliant taxpayers to come clean and declare and pay their appropriate tax due to the government. The N-Power community tax liaison officers will have the following key responsibilities which will include answering online inquiries, customer management, creating awareness of tax compliance.

  • Currently Unemployed
  • Must be a graduate (Bachelors or Higher National Diploma)
  • Must have completed the mandatory National Youth Service Corps Programme
  • Aged 18-35
  • Selection Preference Disciplines: Bachelor’s degree or Higher National Diploma (HND)
  • Duration- 2 years


N-Power Build is an accelerated training and certification (Skills to Job) programme that will engage and train young unemployed Nigerians in order to build a new crop of skilled and highly competent workforce of technicians, artisans and service professionals.

The focus industries include:


→Building Services
→ Construction
→ Built Environment Services
→ Utilities
→ Automotive
→ Aluminium and Gas

→ Agric Tech

→ Currently Unemployed
→ No degree or diploma Selection preferences
→ Aged between 18-35
→ Interest in fixing, building and creating things.


The N-Power Creative programme will train and develop young creative talents. The strategy is to put our creative industry on the global radar as exporters of world-class services and content. Training will last 3 months, made up of 1-month in-class and a 2-month hands-on group project, across selected Nigerian cities. The participants will be trained and certified in one of the following courses:

Animation | Graphic Design | Post-production | Script Writing

At the end of the training, some participants will get local and international internship opportunities while others will be linked to job and market opportunities. In addition, all participants will receive computing devices that will ensure that they master their skills during and after the training.


→Unemployed graduates or non graduates

→Must be between 18-35 years old

→Basic illustration skills will be an advantage for animation and graphic arts

→For Script Writing, creative writing skills and analytical writing skills will be an advantage

→Problem solving skills

→Ability to undertake self-tutorship




The N-Power Tech for device technicians program will train and facilitate tooling to boost the device servicing and manufacturing industry. The output of this program will serve as a critical catalyst for the expansion of local capacity to service and produce mobile phones, tablets, computers and other relevant devices to serve the local and international market. Participants will undergo a hands-on training experience wherein they will be exposed to practical processes and tools to assemble and repair devices of varying specifications. At the end often program, participants will be armed with the requisite technical skills to service devices in there local communities as well as work in a device assembly plant.

→ Unemployed graduates or non graduates
→ Must be between 18-35 years old
→ Problem solving skills
→ Ability to undertake self-tutorship

The N-Power Tech for developers programme will train, tool and position hands-on software developers for the local and international software development market. Participants will undergo a project based model to training wherein they will be exposed to foundational software development tools as well as resources to thrive as a modern day software developer entrepreneur. The programme will seek to establish the foundation knowledge, tools and platform upon which participants can pursue a career as software development entrepreneurs. Training will last 11 weeks and culminate with job fairs to link participants with placement opportunities within their respective localities.

→Unemployed graduates or non graduates

→Must be between 18-35 years old

→Problem solving skills

→Ability to undertake self-tutorship




How to Apply for Npower 2020

Interested and qualified Nigerians can gain access to the Npower portal for the 2020 recruitment by clicking any of the links below from the 26th of june 2020

Portal >

Application Link >

For more Information: Visit the webpage for Npower

Registration for Npower is free and selection is transparent. Npower