Hector Research Career Development Award 2020 (funded to Germany)

Hector Research Career Development Award 2020 (funded to Germany)

Deadline : 30th October, 2020

Hector Research Career Development Award 2020 (funded to Germany)

The Hector Fellow Academy, founded in 2013, is a young academy of sciences in the fields of natural and engineering sciences as well as medicine and psychology. It offers a platform for networking, interdisciplinary exchange and mutual inspiration to the laureates of the Hector Science Award. In addition, the Academy supports promising young researchers.

The Hector Fellow Academy supports research in Germany and contributes to solving
global challenges by raising awareness of socio-political issues, regularly hosting events
like symposia, workshops, and conferences. Furthermore, the Hector Fellow Academy
creates synergies to promote cutting-edge research and innovative projects.

By awarding the Hector Research Career Development Award, the Hector Fellow
Academy (HFA) enables W1 assistant professors (with or without Tenure Track) and junior
research group leaders at German research institutions to further strengthen their
independent research and to include them as temporary members in the HFA.

The HFA pursues the following objectives with the Award:

– Active promotion of researchers on their way to a professorship
– Expansion of the scientific life in the HFA
– Increasing the number of female scientists in the HFA – at least 50% of the
Awardees of each year will be women
– Building new opportunities for cooperation between Hector Fellows and the

Hector Research Career Development Award 2020  Scope of the funding

Hector Research Career Development Award:
25.000 € in research funds once

Hector Fellow Academy doctoral researcher position for three years:

Funding of one doctoral position according to the DFG guidelines
Material expenses up to 9.500 € per year
Participation in three units of the HECTOR School of Engineering and Management´s MBA Fundamentals Program
Coverage of travel costs for networking events and HFA training program

Opportunity to apply for HFA funding formats:

Funding for the organisation of joint conferences/workshops, which are (co-)organised by at least two Hector Fellows or HRCD Awardees (up to 25.000 €). Funding of a Speaker Award for young researchers at conferences that are (co-)organized by a Hector Fellow or HRCD Awardee (up to 1.500 €)                                                                                      Funding for the recruitment of renowned key note speakers for conferences that
are (co-) organized by a Hector Fellow or HRCD Awardee (up to 5.000 €)

Five years membership in the Hector Fellow Academy and Alumni network

Hector Research Career Development Award 2020 Application requirements

W1 assistant professors (with or without Tenure Track) or own junior research group
leaders (e.g., funded by the Emmy-Noether Programme (DFG), an ERC Starting Grant
(EU), a Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) junior research group, a Sofja
Kovalevskaja Award (AvH), a Helmholtz-Nachwuchsgruppe (HGF), a Max-Planck
Research Group (MPG), a university junior research group via the DFG-Excellence
Strategy or equivalents thereof) in the natural or engineering sciences, medicine or

The list is not exhaustive; please contact us for other formats.

Doctorate or PhD-equivalent: completed less than seven years prior to the application
with exceptional results. Exemptions may apply (p. 4).

Employment at a German research institution: non-permanent position at a German
university, Fraunhofer-Institute, Helmholtz-Center, Leibniz-Institute or Max-PlanckInstitute for the duration of the supervision of the HFA doctoral thesis project.

Formal or content-related right to supervise a doctorate: the W1 assistant professor
(with or without Tenure Track) or the junior research group leader needs to be enabled
by his/her institution to serve as the primary advisor of a doctoral researcher on the
content level. Preferably, he/she is allowed to be the first advisor.

Support by head of institute: letter of support by head of institute guaranteeing access
to the infrastructure required for the proposed project (e.g., lab space, office space for
doctoral researcher). Please have the head of your institute fill in the template.

1 Personnel funding DFG (according to TV-L 13) https://www.dfg.de/formulare/60_12/60_12_de.pdf  based on subjectarea:

Hector Research Career Development Award 2020  Application documents

Please send them via our application portal, the link will be published on the website of
the Hector Fellow Academy. Applications received after the deadline (October 30, 2020)
will not be considered. Documents can be in German or English.2
Motivation letter (1 page)
Application form
Project proposal for a doctoral thesis that shall be pursued by a doctoral
researcher in the 3 years of funding by the HFA(max. 3 pages). The doctoral
project must not have started yet.
Timeline and work schedule for the proposed projectfor the doctoral thesis (1
CV (max 5 pages, including teaching experience and experience in supervision of
students and doctoral researchers)
List of key publications (max. 10)
Doctoral certificate not older than 7 years (translated into English or German)
Documentation if exemption from the 7 years post-doctorate regulation is
applied for (e.g., birth certificates of children, proof of parental leave)
Letter of support by the head of institute

Selection procedure

1. Pre-screening of applications by the HFA Office: formal screening; early
applications are encouraged.
2. Interview with a Hector Fellow: between November/December; afterwards
recommendation if the candidate is invited to the final selection round.
3. Final selection round: personal presentation in front of a multidisciplinary panel
of Hector Fellows at the end of January; final decision – at least 50% of the
Awardees of each year shall be women.
4. Award ceremony: July

Selection criteria: scientific excellence, innovation & feasibility of the proposed project
for doctoral thesis, connectivity to Hector Fellows and the aims of the Hector Fellow

For more Information: Visit the webpage Hector Research Career Development Award 2020