Deadline: January 18th 2020.


The Black List has teamed with Google Assistant to launch the 2020-21 Black List and Google Assistant Storytelling Fellowship. The program will provide financial and creative support to five writers in the development and execution of a new original feature film script or TV pilot under the condition that the project tells a contemporary story from the perspective of historically underrepresented communities.


Each of the five scribes will be awarded $20,000 for their pitch with the purpose of supporting themselves for six months as they type it out. During that time, the Black List and Google Assistant will pair each fellowship recipient with a screenwriting mentor. Only writers who have never been compensated for screenwriting work will be able to opt in on the Black List website.


 Up to 15 writers will be invited, based on the strength of their scripts as determined by the Black List, to submit a one-page personal statement and professional resume. Those materials will be due on Friday, January 22, 2020. From those submissions, up to five (5) writers will be selected by the Black List and Google Assistant to receive the 2020-2021 Storytelling Fellowship. Fellowship recipients will be notified in February 2021

Once all the applications are in, a total of 15 finalists will be selected. Their work will be shared with Google and executives there will make the final call on fellowship honorees with an eye to announce in February. The partnership was negotiated by UTA Marketing, which represents Google.


The Program, is subject to the following requirements:

● You must submit an original feature film script or pilot teleplay that portrays technology in a positive light by:________________________________.
● You must agree to (1) these Submission Requirements, (2) all terms relating to the Program posted on Company’s website, which you should review and read in full, and (3) the Submission Agreement, which governs the submission of your script to Company and Black List. The Submission Agreement includes important, legally binding terms and conditions, including arbitration of any disputes, which you must read in full before accepting.
● If requested, you must submit by a date determined by Company the following materials, which are also governed by the Submission Agreement:
o A resume and biography;
o Contact and other personal information; and
o Executed originals of the Submission Agreement.
● If selected by Company for inclusion in the Program, you must agree to enter into a Fellowship Agreement with Company (or an entity affiliated with Company), which will govern the terms of your Fellowship, including granting Company the option to attach as a producer to any number of projects developed by you during the Fellowship on terms to be negotiated in good faith, including granting Google a credit line and logo credit in any
such film’s end titles, subject to distributor approval.
● You must be at least 18 years of age and not a minor in the state or country of your residence at time of submission.
● You must not have had any previously compensated script writing work (whether for features or television).
● Script should highlight stories and perspectives from underrepresented communities and marginalized voices.
● Script should be contemporary in nature and avoid violence and/or illegal activity as the premise of the story.
● Script can showcase the natural helpfulness of technology in everyday life, but script should not be focused around technology or from a dystopian view.
● If the script is written by a team consisting of one or more writers, (i) each member of that writing team must comply with these Submission Requirements, including agreeing to the Submission Agreement described below, and (ii) all members of the writing team must opt-out of the Program if any other member becomes ineligible (including as a result of failing to timely agree to the Submission Agreement or failing to timely provide the
materials listed above).
● You must be the sole owner of all rights. The script must not in any way infringe upon the copyright of any person or entity or, to the best of your knowledge in the exercise of reasonable prudence, constitute libel, defamation or invasion of privacy or any other rights of any third party. You understand and agree that Black List will share any information that you provide in connection with the Program with Company.


For more Information: Visit the webpage for BLACK LIST & GOOGLE ASSISTANT STORYTELLING FELLOWSHIP 2020/2021