Die Gute Fabrik 2021 Global Writing Internship (PAID)

Die Gute Fabrik 2021 Global Writing Internship

Deadline: December 7th 2020

Die Gute Fabrik 2021 Global Writing Internship (PAID) 

Die Gute Fabrik are opening a call for applications to the first of three Writing & Narrative Design Internships supporting the process of the development of their next game.

Even if you haven’t worked professionally in games before, we encourage you to read the job listing and decide for yourself if you would be suitable for the role. This internship doesn’t require any past work experience with games, and we are ready to dedicate the necessary support and resources towards onboarding and mentorship for the candidate when they start.

The job listing will be open until December 7th, and the recruitment process will be complete by mid-January.

The Internship

Die Gute Fabrik are opening a call for applications to the first of three half year Writing & Narrative Design Internships supporting the process of the development of their next game.

The Basics

  • 5-7 month internship, starting in February
  • 2 days per week (ideally split over Monday-Wednesdays)
  • Entirely remote, crossing over with Copenhagen time 4 hours per day.
  • Paid the company-wide flat rate of 2900dkk per day or equivalent salary if based in Denmark.

Note: While we are a Danish studio, we don’t require our internship applicants to be based in Denmark. Our studio is run fully remotely, with a team made up of members who are spread out across the world. We’re happy for you to apply from anywhere, so long as at least four hours of your work day can overlap 9AM to 5PM Central European Standard Time (GMT+1).

Die Gute Fabrik 2021 Global Writing Internship- The Role

Your job will be to support the operations of the Story department through:

  • Research
  • Drafting & editing documentation
  • Editing writing in Inky (no previous knowledge of Inky is necessary – we will teach you!)
  • Implementation of the work of the Story Department between Inky and Unity (no
  • previous experience necessary)
  • Any other work that helps the Story Department develop content and collaborate with the wider team.

You will be managed by Story Lead Char Putney, and Creative Producer Ben Wilson, both of whom will be there to support you in the role.

The Support

On top of this you will receive:

  • Dedicated mentorship time each month – assessing your needs, and working out a programme of development and support that suits you.
  • Mentorship can be provided by one or several members of the team.
  • Access to paid online events which the company opens up to the team (i.e. online-run conferences in the era of COVID)
  • We recognise that there is a technological barrier to entry for many marginalised people attempting to work in games, so a work laptop will be provided that can comfortably run an industry-standard game engine. You will be able to keep this after the internship is finished.

What we’re looking for

  • Someone who can write well (no previously published/performed works necessary)
  • Someone with an interest in writing for games (no previous experience required) you don’t have to be someone who plays games in every spare hour of your time, or have all the most recent consoles, you just have to be interested in games storytelling as a form, and eager for the challenge of working within the medium.
  • Someone who is fluent in English, and comfortable communicating with a diverse and remote-only team.
  • Someone who can sync up with Copenhagen time, although it’s okay if this isn’t 10-6 every day.
  • Someone eager to learn, with support, including developing story-relevant skills in programs and tools such as Inky, Unity, version control software, and documentation and collaboration in e.g. Notion, Slack, Google Docs.
  • Someone eager to develop storytelling and writing skills in the context of video games.
  • You could be transferring skills from other media such as TV, Film, Theatre, Literature, and you can be of any age.
  • Someone who broadens our perspectives. Die Gute Fabrik are committed to telling more diverse stories about the world, and having voices on board who can broaden our perspectives on the world helps us to achieve that goal.

How to Apply for Die Gute Fabrik 2021 Global Writing Internship

If you’re interested in applying, head over to our application form. In it, we’d like you to tell us a little bit about yourself, what you hope to gain from the internship, and we’d like for you to show us a piece of past work that you’re particularly proud of and you feel represents you creatively.

Link to application form

If you’re selected, we’ll contact you about the next steps of the process, the second phase of which will include a paid writing/research task, followed by an interview phase.

Unfortunately we’ll only be able to select one candidate for our internship, and we know we’re going to have to turn down some great people in the process. With this in mind, there’s also a space in the application for where you can give us permission to keep hold of your details for future internship opportunities. All data will be held and treated in accordance with GDPR best practices.

The deadline for applications is December 7th, (although we also reserve the right to extend the open period by an additional week if needed).

We will get in touch with you about your application within the next few weeks, and we’ll respond to every application, regardless of outcome.

For more Information: Visit the webpage for Die Gute Fabrik 2021 Global Writing Internship