2021 Energy SELF Portraits Photography Contest

Energy SELF Portraits Photography Contest
energy portraits. Justin Mongure, Warusha tribe, Technician, Makumira, Tengeru, Arusha region, Tanzania. TV, stereo, lights, mobile phones, iron. In 2010 Justin has insalled a Micro Hydro turbine on a small streams which supplies water to his fish pond and organic garden. Justin also has a biogas plan for the family kitchen uses. Energy solutions are part of his approach to rely on natural resources. Since 2016 the house is also connected to Tanesco, still the turbine supplies electricity to local houses when Tanesco is not working. Half of his family energy needs are supplied by renewable sources.

2021 Energy SELF Portraits Photography Contest

Applications call for the 2021 Energy SELF Portraits . Energy SELF Portraits collects photographs and stories related to the theme of ENERGY, the 7th United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG7) to “Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy systems for all”, and award prizes to the most beautiful and intriguing ones.

Photography is a means to narrate thez challenge of access to sustainable and modern energy seen from the point of view of end consumers. Energy SELF Portraits strives to investigate and record the infinite contexts and implications connected to the SDG7.

Focus Areas

The collection of Energy SELF Portraits will focus on different SDG7 dimensions such as energy access, its costs, and options, its quality, its environmental implications as well as how energy efficiency and renewable energy may offer solutions to the SDG7 challenge. The nexus with other SDGs will be given particular evidence in the collection and in the narrative within the Project. The Project offers the opportunity to collect stories where energy access plays a crucial role in a number of SDG challenges, such as poverty and hunger (SDG 1 and 2), health (SDG3), education (SDG4), gender equality (SDG5), access to safe water (SDG6), decent work and productivity (SDG8 and 9), equal opportunities (SDG10), sustainable cities and communities (SDG11), responsible consumption and production (SDG12) and climate change (SDG13).


  • Collection of Energy SELF Portraits: November 2020 – April 2021.
  • First round of collection and prizes (5 at 100 $) – 21st December 2020
  • Second round of collections and prizes (5 at 100 $) – 21st February 2021
  • Third and final round of collections and prizes (5 at 100 $ plus overall winner at 500 $) – 21st April 2021

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2021 Energy SELF Portraits Photography Contest Specifications

Type of Opportunity Competitions and Awards
Deadline 21 April,2021
Open to All
Organizer Energy Portraits