2021 World Bank Group (WBG) Youth Summit Resilient Recovery Solutions Case Challenge

Once again, this year, the World Bank Group (WBG) Youth Summit will feature an action-based learning component, called the Resilient Recovery Solutions Case Challenge. The case challenge is an integrated part of the WBG Youth Summit taking place virtually on June 9-10, 2021.

The case challenge’s collaborative element is an essential part of the 2021 WBG Youth Summit on Resilient Recovery for People and Planet, with a vision for fostering an environment of belonging and increase engagement between participants, the WBG and the facilitators.

The Resilient Recovery Solutions Case Challenge is a foundational action-based learning component of this year’s Youth Summit, fully integrated to the two-day summit. All delegates invited to the Youth Summit will participate in the case challenge, with no previous experience required.

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Over the course of the Summit, selected participants will gain real time experience in a team-based, simulated scenario identifying key challenges and opportunities in the development of solutions for a resilient recovery for the people and the planet. Through facilitated working sessions led by leading development practitioners, the participants will work with their peers to develop and present their solutions. The case challenge will provide a unique opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge, problem-solving skills, and creativity while co-creating and networking with peers and experts in the field.

Participants are divided into groups to form high-performing case teams. Teams are tasked with devising a proposed solution to the given case prompt within an allotted time and present their solutions to a panel comprised of WBG senior leads and partners. With such an eclectic array of experiences and skills within every group, individuals will enhance their own communication and teamwork skills.

2021 (WBG) Youth Summit Resilient Recovery Solutions Case Challenge Requirements

The case is designed to encourage teams to provide solutions to challenges faced in the COVID-19 recovery process. They are meant to analyze the case using guidance from the facilitators and frameworks, to address the problem at hand.

2021 (WBG) Youth Summit Resilient Recovery Solutions Case Challenge Benefits:

They will have the opportunity to experience the challenges of tackling a development case under the mentorship of professionals in this area.

They will have the opportunity to apply knowledge gained during the panel sessions and apply them directly, to learn in a more interactive way on climate change, inclusiveness, prosperity and resilient recovery.

They will have the opportunity to network with professionals and team members and to learn more about opportunities to collaborate with them.

Following deliberations of the panel of experts, one team will be offered the opportunity to write an article that will be published on the WBG Blogs and the WBG Youth Summit 2021 website.

Application Procedure

Participants who have submitted their applications for the Case Challenge and have been selected to be part of the 250-300 Youth Summit Delegates. The Youth Summit Delegates will be split into 5-7 large groups and will work in teams of 8-10 people to solve a challenge.

For More Information:Visit the Official Webpage of the WBG Youth Summit Resilient Recovery Solutions Case Challenge 2021

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