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20 Practical Ways To Improve Oneself

20 Practical Ways To Improve Oneself in 2021

20 Practical Ways To Improve Oneself

Young Professional? If you don’t have a year plan yet, come let’s look at:

First, thanks for being a part of 2020.

To those who continue to take self development and self improvement a personal goal, 2021 will be a better year.  Remain consistent, persevere and never let go of your hopes and aspirations.


1st thing you want to do really is reflect.

This is very important as it lays down the foundation for any step you are willing to take regarding your career or self development.

It helps you understand:

– Where you are coming from.
– Where you want to be.

Self reflection speaks the truth to you without sugar coating it. While working in Mushin back then, I asked myself a lot of questions. – What is the end goal of this path? – Am I maximizing my full potential and capacity as a person?

2. OUTLINE YOUR GOALS Once you’ve reflected on what you really want and where you want to be, it is time to turn your intentions into clearly defined goals. Always remember that having goals without having a plan in black and white is still a dream. Outline you goals clearly.

When doing this, remember: -Don’t set goals to impress anyone. -You are the driver of your own goals. -Set a goal in line with your values and career path. -Have a timeline and action plan for your goals. -Be sincere with yourself.

3. BE FRIENDS WITH READING One thing reading does to many young professionals is that it improves self-discipline & consistency. When I landed my first professional job as a HR Officer, I read a lot of entry level management books. Why? To improve a lot about myself.

Little did I know I was improving my: -Communication skills -Knowledge base of my field. -Imagination -and inspiring myself. Having an outline of books for the year can also help.

4. TAKE UP A NEW COURSE See, the world is evolving. So many processes in various fields are either getting automated or eliminated. You either know it or you don’t. There is no fencing when it comes to knowledge.

Good thing is, you can take up a new course from the comfort of your home. Here are some great sites for Free Online Edu: -Coursera -edX -Khan Academy -Udemy -iTunesU Free Courses -MIT OpenCourseWare -Stanford Online -Sailor Academy -Alison -Codecademy -Open Culture -TED-Ed

5. ELIMINATE DISTRACTIONS Distractions have a way of taking your mind of your goals. They will always be there. Knowing yourself and what distracts you is a good place to start. Truth is, distractions take a huge chunk of time which you would have used in actual work.

6. LEARN FROM PEOPLE BEFORE YOU Learning from people can simply be: -Learning from a mentor. -Learning from someone’s experience. -Learning from an autobiography. -Learning from your boss/manager/supervisor. Learning from the past always helps avoids future mistakes.

7. CERTIFICATION? Note that certification is voluntary in some fields, but in others, a certification from a government-accredited agency is required for some jobs. Do you know where you fall? Well, note that 83% of certified candidates get jobs quicker than those that aren’t.

8. TAKE A BREAK While trying to achieve all you want to achieve this year, you need to relax your nerves too. If man die, na another man go replace am. Tend to have a work-life balance. Travel, mingle, live & laugh.

9. NETWORK You can’t be a lone striker. You can’t be the only person in your field. There are others. They are in your city. In your workplace. In your social networking places. Networking can also be expanded to other fields. You just never know.

10. READ ONE PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT ARTICLE A WEEK (if you can). See, let’s be thankful for the internet -The quickest knowledge base vault. If you can, at least, in a wk/biweekly read a personal development article from: -LinkedIN -Careerealism -JobBait -Careercloud -GM4JH etc.

11. STARVE YOUR WEAKNESSES First, be aware of your weaknesses because they are there. They’d always want to flex their muscles. But one thing I learnt from a very good friend, @folanski, is to continuously starve one’s weaknesses. Instead, feed your strengths.

12. JOIN A PROFESSIONAL CLUB The idea of a professional club is that people with a particular goal come together to lend a hand to each other. Many professional clubs hold this goal highly. Seek professional bodies, clubs or groups that align with your values & goals & join.

13. BE THANKFUL ALWAYS It is actually difficult to focus on self-improvement if one fails to recognize what one alrea

dy has. Reflect on what you have, where you are, and how you got here. Truth is, being thankful for the now is a great step to bettering oneself.

14. BE OPEN / FLEXIBLE Rigidity and being head strong can be costly in some ways. You may grow exponentially well in another field, but because you’ve closed your mind to trying new things or leaving your comfort zone, you limit the opportunities out there. Be flexible.

15. BE A PROBLEM SOLVER AND NOT A SOLUTION SEEKER Organizations always value people who add value by intentionally seeking to solve basic to complex problems. If you are always waiting to be told the solution, what’s now the point?

16. BE EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT One very great thing Emotional Intelligence has taught me as a person, is the ability to understand and manage my emotions. Emotions, when constantly expressed, are the driving force behind our attitudes. Attitude keeps you where you want to be.

17. QUARTERLY AUDIT YOUR SKILLS Skills are as relevant as breathing in one’s career, and the more skilled up you are, the more you become efficient in processes which in-turn results to more financial gain. You can check on a quarterly basis. Add this to your goal-board too.

18. HEALTH IS WEALTH While planning /scheming to get better at what you do, it is important to note that the human body is like an engine that needs constant maintenance. Exercising doesn’t only help you physically but also mentally. Please, make your health a priority.

19. BE Never forget who you are. Always remember why you started in the first place. Be the better version of yourself. Be Diligent. Be Purposeful. Be Deliberate. Be Persistent. Be Value oriented. Be Positive. Be Teachable. Be Optimistic. Be Selfless. Be Yourself.

20. ALWAYS ASK FOR FEEDBACK One thing you should be looking forward to as a young professional is feedback. Asking for ‘Feedback’ doesn’t only improve your performance or serve as a means of motivation, it also serves as a tool for continuous learning.

Personal dev is a deliberate act & has to be continuous in order to achieve growth. It’s important to note consistency is required. So, be deliberate with your Personal & Self Dev. You are the driver of your journey! Have a happy new year, be safe, conquer & do exploits.

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