Register to Attend- ICYF Young Muslim Women Summit 2021

ICYF Young Muslim Women Summit 2021


Register to Attend- ICYF Young Muslim Women Summit 2021

ICYF Young Muslim Women Summit 2021. ICYF is continuing its quest to empower young women by equipping them with the necessary knowledge and know-how to become successful leaders and community builders driving the next age of innovation and technology-driven initiatives at the core of every society.

ICYF’s Young Muslim Women Summit 2021 is aiming to break boundaries and shatter glass ceilings by bringing females leaders and prominent figures as well as captains of industry together with prospective young women leaders, entrepreneurs, students, and academics in a 3-day event that will tackle issues affecting young women and provide a blueprint for the construction of a better post-covid world that is balanced and capable of sustaining the coexistence of both women and men in leadership and influential positions.

3-day online event will run from the 6th to 8th of April 2021 under the theme “Women as the Emerging Power of the 21stCentury”. The Young Muslim Women Summit will see the creation of an online community for mentorship and coaching of young females and will contribute to their empowerment and capacity building through raising awareness and providing guidance and support in combating issues plaguing young women in the 21st century.

ICYF Young Muslim Women Summit 2021 PROGRAMME ELEMENTS 

The first plenary session of the summit will be conducted as a side event of the ECOSOC Youth Forum 2021.

 “Female Leadership in a Highly Competitive World in Post COVID Era”

The sky’s the limit: New Opportunities and prospects for young Female scientists”

“Power of young women in the media industry”

Influencers as a Drivers of Female Empowerment“

“Female Activism and Participation: Challenges and Successful Examples

“Women in Sports Leadership- Challenges and Opportunities”


The training programme will be combination of theoretical and interactive sessions and conducted via online gathering platform as webinar session.


Location: The event will be held online on Zoom platform

Date: 6-8 April


Full attended participants will be awarded with a certificate issued by ICYF and programme partners.


  • The Summit is open for all countries especially from OIC member states.
  • Ability to communicate in English
  • Age between 18–35
  • Leaders with impact in his/her local community
  • Passionate and responsible to attend the full online programme

ICYF Young Muslim Women Summit 2021 SELECTION

Selection Committee will evaluate the applications based on eligibility and criteria, if the committee decides for further information can set online interview as the last stage of selection.

Selected participants will receive an email confirmation with online program details. Due to a limited timing, there will be not an opportunity to inform those who were not selected. The general information on selection results will be posted at ICYF Social Media accounts

Important Note: Only selected participants will be informed about the results of their applications.



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