Fmardpace Soil Sampling Exercise Frequent Question & Answers

Fmardpace Soil Sampling Exercise Frequent Question & Answers

As you know, the soil sampling exercise is still ongoing. Let us know if you are experiencing any issues or challenges.

Here are question and answers for Fmardpace Soil Sampling Exercise and  many more.

1. Questions – Well-done, please my question is that
1. Are we going to use the ODK App for this soil sampling?
2. On ODK app V1.30.1 on my phone am unable to get a blank form for like three days now, is showing unable to connect to the server after rolling for like minutes….. THANKS


Answer – Hello, Yes, the ODK app has the Soil sampling form to be used for the exercise. Also, you may send a direct message for the configuration setting of the ODK app if you were selected.

2. Questions – After we submitted the list of farmers with out BVN to MT still many farmers came with their Bvn for enrollment can we use ODK to enroll their Bvn? Please answer my question.

Answer –  Hello, please collate and send to your master trainer and not the ODK app.

3. Questions- How should I labels the bags of soil sampling ?

Answer – Hello, kindly label with Farmers LG/Sample ID

4. Questions – We are yet to receive sampling materials, Kaduna north, Chikun and Ikara local government respectively.

5. Questions –  he big issue is all soil samplers that are engaged refused to carryout exercise from my end, reason is previous balance of payment haven’t been made and what will be paid for soil sampling also haven’t been communicated. Do this and things will go well.

Answers – Hello, kindly communicate with your master trainer. For cases where the enumerator is uninterested in the soil sampling exercise please inform the master trainer for a replacement.

6. Questions – Some farmers operate on leased lands. They had moved away from the lands we captured them on during enumeration, and handed the lands to the owners, this will influence the cordinate.. what do we do?

Answer –  Hello, please you may take the soil sample of the farms allocated to you.

7. Questions – Please, I have sent a mail for my unique code that i forgot and I have called several times but yet no any feedback. Please help me i want to carry my soil sampling exercise in time and continue my with my survey.

8. Answers – Have an inquiry? You can reach the FMARD Team on any of these phone numbers. Their reps are available to walk you through your inquiry or challenge.

  1. 0907 716 8035
  2. 0701 963 6603
  3. 0701 842 7901
  4. 0708 734 4802
  5. 0708 024 6359
  6. 0907 129 7635
  7. 0907 687 6727
  8. 0702 662 0494
  9. 0702 669 3613
  10. 0702 663 6984
  11. 0702 685 3439
  12. 0702 663 2956
  13. 0702 648 7168
  14. 0702 665 1790
  15. 0905 4654361
  16. 0815 960 7362
  17. 0815 054 7960
  18. 0815 960 7362
  19. 0815 054 7960
  20. 0702 6458329

9. Questions – Soil sample not easy, I tried to make my GPS accuracy to 10m or less but I couldn’t, the GPS accuracy was always given me 100m Pls who is from Tarauni local government kano?

ANSWER –  Hello, kindly reduce your phone camera resolution and try again. However, the gps accuracy should be less than or equal to 5m and not 10m.

10. QUESTIONS – I haven’t not receive payment from August to February..

ANSWERS – Hello, please did you submit your surveys through the ODK or dashboard?

11. QUESTIONS – Please, my challenge is that, I enumerated 51 or more farmers, but only 2 farmers were listed for their farm’s soil to be sampled? What will happen to the rest?

ANSWERS – Hello, please note that not all farm land will be sampled. However, if those farmers are qualified, they will get their inputs.

12. QUESTIONS – I can’t afford to go to the farms that are far away from where I am living. For this work to go as you wish pay the remaining balance of JUNE/JULY.

ANSWERS – Hello, Please be patient as all outstanding payment will be made soon. However, kindly communicate with your master trainer if you are not interested in the soil sampling exercise.

13. QUESTIONSWhat would be the Fate of those Enumerators that Carried out the Soil Sample survey Since Before FMARDPACE, didn’t even provided the form for soil Sample on the ODK? because some Enumerators collected the Sample Bags earlier and prioty to the announcement made by FMARD.

ANSWERS – Hello, please note that you are to use the soil sample form on the ODK app for the exercise.

14. QUESTIONS– Good day fmardpace, my challenge here is that I did my enumeration here in awe lga of Nasarawa state, but now I come posted in lafia headquarter of Nasarawa state for soil sampling. hope there’s no problem.

ANSWERS –  Hello, please note that you may continue with the soil sampling exercise. Kindly be in touch with your master trainer.

15. QUESTIONS – How can I get the video training on the soil sampling exercise?

ANSWERS – Click on the link below for the training materials. HERE :

16 . QUESTIONS – I lost my ID card, but if I go for soil sampling, farmers are thinking I am 419. My dashboard is not opening. How can I get it?

ANSWERS – Hello, please note that we are presently working on the dashboard. Kindly be patient.

17. QUESTIONS –Some farmers are finding it difficult to engage in their exercise reason being that from last year till date, they have not seen any input or money to aid them as promised. Is really challenging here.

ANSWERS –  Hello, Kindly note that the 0% interest input loan will commence soon.

18. QUESTIONS – The challenge is that we need the remaining 50% of our survey,it will help us to travel an do the soil sample very easy.

ANSWERS – Hello, please note that we are still processing the balance 50% payment. We urge you to be patient as it will be resolved soon.

Fmardpace Soil Sampling Exercise Frequent Question & Answers