How to Make A Standalone Payment on JobsCayman Portal

How to Make A Standalone Payment on JobsCayman Portal

The JobsCayman payment portal has been upgraded to allow applications to be uploaded at the same time as the payment online. How to Make A Standalone Payment on JobsCayman Portal

You must be a registered person in JobsCayman to use this process.
This facility was created to provide payment options for facilities that are not currently online, but are supported through other methods of application submission, such as email. This process will allow you to submit payment using Debit or Credit card to make a single payment that may include multiple applications. You will provide necessary details of each application. This will be explained later in this document. Also Read: Cayman Islands DG’s 5k Challenge 2022 Registration and Dates

The facilities/applications currently supported include the following:

• Amendment of a Work Permit
• Temporary Work Permits (which will be issued for 3 months)
• Temporary Work Permit Extensions (which will be issued for 3 months)
• Renewal of Annual Work Permits
• Permission To Continue Working (PCW)
• Business Staffing Plan (BSP) Grant
• Business Staffing Plan (BSP) Renewal
• Work Permit Grant Applications**
• Permanent Residence – Eight Year Residence
• Permanent Residence – Surviving Spouse of a Caymanian
• Variation of Permanent Residence – No RERC Certificate
• Permanent Residence – Spouse of a Permanent Resident
• Residency and Employment Rights Certificate – Spouse of a Caymanian
• Permanent Residence – Dependant of a RERC Holder
• Residency Certificate – Persons of Independent Means
• Residency Certificate –Substantial Business Presence
• Residency Certificate of Direct Investment
• Permissions to Continue Working (PCW)

Steps to use this process to complete payment

Note: the options in your new menu, may be different than what is shown in the images shown in this guide.

Log into JobsCayman as a Registered Person
1. Click the arrow next to the new icon
2. Click the all processes icon to view all menu options.
3. Click the “Work Permit” Option to display the Payment menu item
4. Click the “Payment” menu item

The Payment Screen will open.
Select “Stand Alone Payment” as your payment type and click the “Next” button.

The payment screen will expand to allow you to identify details of each application to be
included in this payment.

You will add details for each application you wish to include in this payment.
• Application type identifies the type of facility/application being included.
• Applicant / Employer is the person or employer that is submitting the application.
• Payment amount is the total amount that must be paid for the application.
• File Number is our “Worker Reference Number” or the Permit number of the person the facility is for.
• Employee Name is the prospective employee that a permit is being submitted under. Also Read: Grand Caymen Displaced Tourism Employees Stipend Recipient Employed

The employee name does not exist in all application types.
Once you have completed these details click the “Add Item” button. Repeat this process for each application you wish to include in this payment.

The applications will display in the Payment items collection.
• The comment field is not mandatory. You may add a comment if you feel it is important. However, all information regarding the application should be included in your cover letter.
• The File attachment is mandatory. If there is no documentation that is required please upload a document that says “no documentation is attached”.
• Please attach the documentation that supports the application being paid for. It is imperative that the supporting application and other supporting documentation such as the police clearance, cover letter Lab work etc. are attached.
• File Uploads:
o Only PDF documents are allowed
o Each document uploaded cannot exceed 20MB in size
o You may add a maximum of 5 documents each up to 20MB in size to each payment item

Click “Choose File” and attach the PDF document/s.
After each file is attached, click the “Upload” button.

Continue to add additional payment items as needed.

Once you have added all payment items, choose your payment method, which is currently Credit or Debit card. The amount will convert to USD if the Credit card option is chosen.

• Notice that the amount at the bottom of the screen provides a total amount that will be
paid for all applications added.
Click the “Pay” button to initiate the Plug n Pay screen.

Enter your information and click the Submit Payment button.

Wait about 30 seconds and click the Check Payment Status button

You will see a message indicating that the Payment was Successful or Not successful.

You will then see this screen.
• The documents you uploaded are displayed
• You may access your receipt by selecting the Receipt tab and clicking on the Card Payment receipt.pdf document.

Please note that WORC will email you itemized receipts for each payment item once the
payments and the documents have been processed.

The itemized receipts will also be available for download on the original case.