As part of the 26th edition of the International Ecrans Noirs film festival (2022), the Goethe-Institut Kamerun and the Association Ecrans Noirs are organizing a short film fiction script competition as part of the operation “10 days for 1 film “.

The objective of the competition is to encourage writing, directing and film production that can contribute to awareness.

  • The competition is open to young Cameroonians aged 30 at most, and who intend to work in the cinema.
  • The duration of the films should not exceed 10 min.
  • The theme chosen for the 2022 edition is “Beauty”.
  • Each contestant can only submit one script;
  • Registration open from June 06 to July 15, 2022.


Following an initial selection phase, the authors of the 10 most relevant projects will take part in a rewriting workshop. At the end of this workshop, the three best selected projects will benefit from a technical team for the production of their film. However, post-production remains the responsibility of the laureate. They will then be broadcast during the 26th edition of the Ecrans Noirs festival during the month of October 2022 (Final dates to be determined. Consult the website for this purpose ).

NB: The different dates mentioned in this competition are subject to change.  

1. The goal
The objective of the competition is to detect promising young filmmakers, and to encourage cinematographic creation around the theme “Beauty”.

The criterion and the obsession with “beautiful”, consciously or not, influence our actions, our thoughts and the choices we make daily. But what is beauty? Is there only one or several types of the “beautiful”? Who determines if something or someone is “beautiful” or “unbeautiful”? What role do social conventions, patriarchy, cultural hegemonism, and capitalism, among others, play in this regard? Countless questions can thus be asked and answered around the theme of “beauty”, but without us being able to envisage a consensus on the subject, all these concerns only outline in the end a direction of the multiple perception of a concept. (beauty and beauty) which is located at the heart of the

2. Admission requirements

  • The subject of writing is free, provided that it revolves around the theme of the competition.
  • Candidates must be Cameroonians and aged 30 or less on 06.06.2022 .
  • Authors can only submit one script.
  • The duration of the film envisaged must not exceed 10 min.
  • Although the short film can be shot in a Cameroonian national language, the script must be written in French or English.
  • Filming must take place in the Center region.
  • Applicants must be the authors of the proposed project. Any plagiarism will result in elimination from the competition.

3. Applications ( online only )
All applications must be made online only via: no later than 15.07.2022 at 3:00 p.m. and must include:

  • A CV of the candidate (in PDF format, Times New Roman, font 12, single spaced)
  • The scan of the National Identity Card or passport (in PDF format)
  • A Synopsis (10 lines maximum; pdf format)
  • A note of intent (1/2 page maximum; pdf format)
  • A dialogued continuity (of 8 pages max, Font: Mail, Size: 12, pdf format).

NB  : No part of your screenplay should bear your name. The latter must not bear any distinctive sign.

4. Jury and Result
The jury will be composed of 5 professionals as follows:

  • Yolande Ekoumou, Director
  • Yasmine Fouda, Black Screens Association
  • Edith Kouekam, Goethe-Institut Kamerun
  • Cyrille Masso, Producer – Director
  • Laura Onyama, Actress


  • The results of the first selection phase of the 10 most relevant projects will be published on 26.07.2022 and available on the Facebook pages of the Goethe-Institut and the Ecrans Noirs. They will also be displayed at the Goethe-Institut and at the headquarters of the Association Ecrans Noirs.
  • Following this publication, the authors of the 10 selected projects will be invited to participate in a rewriting workshop from July 29 to August 12, 2022 in Yaoundé.
  • Following this workshop, the jury will select the 3 (three) best projects and the results will be communicated no later than 19.08.2022.

5.Production and post-production

  • The 3 (three) projects selected following the rewriting workshop will benefit from technical production support.
  • Funding of one (1) million CFA francs will be made available to each of them.

 Production and post-production

  • The production team will be provided by the organizers. Filming and editing will take place during the month of October in a location free of choice by the director, but in the city of Yaoundé or on the outskirts.
  • The films must be completed, including post-production, between September 16 and 30, 2022, depending on the different shooting start dates.

6. Prizes and Awards

  • The three short films produced will be assessed by a jury.
  • The results will be communicated during the Ecrans Noirs 2022 festival.
  • The director of the best of the three short films will benefit from a training course in cinema in Germany or in another country in Africa during the year 2023 (subject to obtaining the visa).

7. Commitments

  • The writers-directors of the three screenplays selected undertake to continue and complete the competition until the post-production of their film.
  • The broadcasting rights of the films are the property of the authors. However, they authorize the Goethe Institut and Ecrans Noirs, by the simple acceptance of their participation in the competition, to exploit their film free of charge without limitation of place, time, channel and distribution medium.
  • The authors undertake to include the logos of the competition organizers (Ecrans Noirs, Goethe-Institut) in the opening and closing credits of the film.


Visit the Official Webpage of the CALL FOR APPLICATIONS CONTEST 10 DAYS FOR 1 FILM EDITION 2022