Native English Speaking University Graduate / ESL Teacher Global Recruitment Program (Funded to China)

Native English Speaking University Graduate / ESL Teacher Global Recruitment Program (Funded to China)

Native English Speaking University Graduate / ESL Teacher Global Recruitment Program. The program seeks to recruit candidates from USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. This is the official recruitment form in South Africa.


Recruitment of native English speaking university graduates (former or fresh) / ESL teachers to teach in China as English teachers, mainly in universities (colleges), primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, international schools, or language training institutions in the major cities of China.

Requirements for this opportunity:

Any person who meets both of the following conditions, including but not limited to, university (colleges) graduates (former or fresh).

Condition 1: Bachelor’s degree (or higher)
Condition 2: (Having any of the following 2 conditions is OK)
▪ Graduated from school of education, school of linguistics, or teacher’s college.
▪ In possession of TEFL/TESL/TESOL/CELTA certificate

The targeted number of candidates is 1 000 for 2022, therefore, if you know other candidates that may be interested in this opportunity, do not hesitate to share the link with them to apply.

Covid-19 is not a major issue in our country but it is still strong in some parts of China and travel bans are still in place as a result, candidates that get the opportunity will only travel at such a time when it is safe to do so, however, recruitment is done now, so the next phase of interviews, visa applications and work permits can commence.

Interviews will be conducted virtually, and more details will be shared with shortlisted candidates.


We are aware that you may be caught off guard with this opportunity, that is, you are interested and have a Bachelor’s degree but your degree is NOT in Education. If this is the case, you are required to be in possession of any of these certificates TEFL, TESL, TESOL, CELTA. PGCE is NOT the required certificate.

If you do not have the above certificate, do not worry, we are taking in applications until end of August 2022 or till we reach our target of 1 000 qualifying candidates. This, therefore gives you enough time to acquire the certificate online, we recommend using TEFL Universal, it is the cheapest online institute. Purchase the TEFL course here and receive 5% discount. It will take you 8-10 days to complete it then you will get the TEFL certificate.

Do not proceed with the application if you do not have the certificate, discard, then come back when you have it. This applies to those who do not have degree in Education.

Those who are ready to apply, prepare your files in this manner and proceed:

Standard naming convention of files that will be accepted “FirstName + LastName – Name of file”
Document type – PDF only except CV which is Word
Video type – MP4 only

ID: e.g., Hlayisani Chauke – ID copy
Highest qualification: e.g., Hlayisani Chauke – Bachelor degree
Teaching certificate: e.g., Hlayisani Chauke – TEFL/Teach English as a Foreign Language (if applicable)
Resume: e.g., Hlayisani Chauke – Resume (Remember to include a profile photo of you on your resume. Compulsory)
Introduction video: e.g., Hlayisani Chauke – Introduction video