Can One Reapply for SRD Grant Extension

Can One Reapply for SRD Grant Extension

Last month’s confirmation of the grant’s continuation put to rest rumors that it might be canceled in 2019. But does that necessitate the current recipients to reapply for assistance as well?

The Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant of R350 has been extended for another fiscal year, and recipients across the country have been informed.

The SRD is still being paid out by the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa), but does this news mean that those who are eligible must now reapply for an extension?

After the announcement, Sassa clarified, grantees of the SRD need not submit monthly applications. Grantees are required to check in every three months on the Sassa website to answer some questions to determine whether or not they still need the support.

The original deadline for renewing Sassa SRD grants was April 30, 2022, however it was extended so that the government could catch up on payments that had piled up from the previous funding cycle. However, Sassa does suggest that recipients keep their information up-to-date to prevent any hiccups in payments.

Before applying online for the SRD grant, those who are eligible but have not yet done so should make sure they match the following criteria:

  • South African citizenship, permanent residency, refugee or asylum seeker status, or a valid special permit is required.
  • You must be out of work.
  • not rely on or receive financial assistance from any other source
  • Must Have a Minimum of 18 Years and a Maximum of 60 Years of Age
  • In addition, the new requirements (Social Assistance Act) for the Sassa R350 award require that applicants have a monthly income of less than R350 to be eligible for the grant.

Those who receive the Sassa R350 grant and who will be considered under the new regulations (Social Assistance Act) must have a monthly income of R350 or less to qualify.

Beginning in April 2022 and ending in March 2023, the SRD award period has been extended by one year.