HESFB News Today On 2022-2023 List of Successful Applicants

HESFB News Today On 2022-2023 List of Successful Applicants

HESFB News Today – Opportunities for self-determination show that the destiny of students hoping to renew their eligibility for government study loans for the 2022-2023 school year is in limbo because the board responsible for approving their applications does not yet exist. According to our research, a large number of students and university officials are in a bind since they enrolled in college expecting to receive loans from the Higher Education Students Financing Board (HESFB).

Sources in high places have said that Kabale and Bishop Stuart universities are among those considering preventing students who would be eligible for the study loans from taking exams due to the sensitive nature of the situation. Since the previous HESFB board’s term ended on April 23, a new board — whose members were chosen six months earlier — was supposed to be inaugurated in September in order to approve the student loans. One of the sources added, “Some universities like Kabale have been putting us on pressure to re-lease the list and tuition of beneficiaries, threatening to withhold tests to students who are among possible beneficiaries.”

It has come to the attention of this publication that students at Ndejje, Gu-lu, Kabale, and Bishop Stuart are about to be faced with an uncomfortable situation: final exams. There were some pupils who showed up for the start of the 2022–2023 school year in August and September, and there were also some who did not. Since their coworkers have yet to take the exams, those who did not show up are probably worried about what would happen to them if their names appear on the list.

Fears of Students

“Current recipients should be given an update to boost their confidence in taking tests. Unfortunately, the administration has been unusually quiet, and HESFB is now our only realistic chance. Could you tell us anything? The strain is too great,” Simon Opio, a candidate, remarked on his Twitter page. Another hopeful, Davis Mavin, said: “I’d like some guidance; I got accepted to Kabale but have yet to enroll. I am currently on the waiting list for the loan program; if I make the cut, do I have a chance to participate?” The HESFB Act requires the list of recipients to be made public no later than 21 calendar days after the application deadline. In 2022, the due date was October 15th.

Empowerment Opportunities has also learnt that a total of 3,089 students applied for the loans this academic year. Despite the reduction in funding from Shs 7b to Shs 2.5b, the board still plans to loan money to approximately 1,000 people.


The chairperson of the HESFB Board is a member-at-large elected by the public. The board has eight total members. All told, there are seven different groups represented on the board. These include the Ministry of Education, the National Council for Higher Education, the Ministry of Finance, the Vice Chancellor’s Forum, the Uganda National Students Association, the Uganda Federation of the Workers Union, and people with disabilities.
Michael Wanyama said: “While we are aware that the delay to issue the successful list of students ‘loan program recipients is harming applicant’s start or continuation of their education activities, we are unable to move in the im-mediate without a board as stated in the legislation,” He added: “In the interim, we have written to the Attorney General for guidance and are awaiting feedback.”

Unfortunately, the HESFB’s official Twitter account announced that the list of successful students loan plan beneficiaries will be delayed owing to circumstances beyond their control. “We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to candidates whose chosen institutions have already begun the first semester of classes. We are working hard to secure the necessary permissions and will share an updated release date as soon as feasible “quote from the tweet Mr. John Chrysostom Muyingo, the country’s State Minister for Higher Education, has indicated he has not yet discovered the cause of the delays.