About Paying UIF Contributions Via SARS

About Paying UIF Contributions Via SARS

Employers are required by law to contribute to the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) on behalf of their employers.

Failure to contribute to the fund could leave their employees without crucial financial relief if they are unable to work.

The UIF has called on employers who pay UIF contributions via the South African Revenue Service (SARS) to register and declare their workers to the fund.

They said, “Dear employers: if you pay your monthly contributions via SARS, you still need to register your workers to the #UIF. You must also declare them each month”.

Employers can register their employees using the following channels…

Employers can submit declarations using the following channels…

  • uFiling Portal 
  • EDEC – payroll software linked
  • Digital UI 19 – accessible via Covid-19 TERS portal and eCC web pages
  • Submitting a manual UI 19 form at a labour centre

Foreign Nationals can only be declared via the uFiling web portal.

The UIF added, “Employers who don’t submit monthly declarations could be excluded from participating in the UIF’s poverty alleviations schemes”.