About UNEB Registration for 2023 Candidates

About UNEB Registration for 2023 Candidates

Mr. Mike Masikye Nangosya the Director of Examinations UNEB Uganda  addressed a press conference about the UNEB Registration for 2023 Candidates. The Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) hereby informs parents and candidates that the registration process for the 2023 Examinations for all levels i.e. PLE, UCE, and UACE is underway.

The normal registration period will go on until May 31, 2023. For candidates who may miss registering during this time, a period has been set for late registration, which attracts a surcharge. The surcharge for late registration from June 1st -30th will be 100% for PLE, and 50% for both UCE and UACE Candidates. The last phase of late registration will run from July 1st -31st, attracting a surcharge of 100% at all levels. After July 31st, there will be no opportunity to register for the 2023 examinations.

Registration Fees – The Registration fees for all the levels have been maintained below


As has always been the case, the government will pay the registration fees for all the candidates sponsored under any of the three Universal Education programs UPE, USE, and UPOLET. According to the UNEB ACT 2021, section 33, it is an offense to charge fees not prescribed by UNEB and refer to such fees as ‘UNEB fees.’

Heads of Centres and School Directors are therefore cautioned against calling any other administrative costs as UNEB fees.
Such an offense attracts a penalty of two thousand currency points (UGX 40 Million) or a term of imprisonment not exceeding ten years or both. Additionally, the person convicted shall pay back the amount that is not prescribed by UNEB to the concerned students or their sponsors. The Board may also withdraw the Examination Centre of the school.

Where the person convicted is a registered teacher, the person shall also be disciplined under the relevant laws regulating the profession. Aggrieved parents or members of the public charged exorbitant fees alleged to be UNEB registration fees should file complaints to the nearby police station.

UNEB equally cautions Heads of Centres or their representatives to ensure that all
the UNEB registration fees are remitted to the Board and that the students are dully registered for the examination.

Anyone who fails to do so commits an offense, and is liable, on conviction, to a fine not exceeding two thousand currency. points (Forty million shillings) or a term of imprisonment not exceeding ten years or both, as provided for in section 32 of the UNEB Act 2021.

Such a person shall also pay back the money collected to the concerned learners or their sponsors and compensate them accordingly.
Where the person convicted is a registered teacher, the person shall be disciplined under the relevant laws regulating the teaching profession. Heads of government-aided schools are put on notice not to register privately sponsored candidates as government-sponsored candidates.
This is a fraudulent practice that causes financial loss to the government. Any head of an examination centre or school director that will be found indulging in this practice shall pay twice the amount that has been defrauded.
Relevant laws on fraud will also be applied to such head teachers or directors. In addition, UNEB shall withdraw the examination centre number of the school.
The Board has upgraded the registration software and made a few adjustments. Among the modifications is the inclusion of an option for a National Identification Number ( NIN).
Please note that this field is optional, and where a candidate does not have a NIN, it can be left out.
Heads of Centres who may receive any other challenges are encouraged to contact UNEB via eRegPrimary@uneb.ac.ug; or eReg Secondary@uneb.ac.ug; or the toll-free line; 0800-111-427; or the Customer Care Numbers; 0776-993-335; 0776-865-556; 0760-731-261.
The Board has learned that there are 51 schools in Kampala whose results slips for 2019 PLE candidates are missing. The Result slips in question were duly printed by UNEB , signed for & taken by a designated officer of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) , as the norm is for all PLE result slips.
We recognize that the affected learners, totaling to 3,972, urgently need their result slips for registration purposes. The Board has therefore worked out an amicable arrangement with Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA)  to ensure that the result slips of these learners are re-printed and issued to them in good time for the registration exercise. We urge parents, candidates, and other concerned stakeholders to remain calm as the situation is being handled.