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Acclimitization Bootcamp (ABC) For Indian Defence Startups

Deadline: November 18, 2022

Acclimitization Bootcamp (ABC) For Indian Defence Startups

Calling all the startups building solutions for Indian Armed Forces. The Bootcamp by Innovations for Defence Excellence (iDEX) and iTIC Incubator aims to support startups in finding the use-case for defence, and support in applying for grants & procurements.

What is ABC for Defence Startups?

To scout innovative solutions for the Indian armed forces, iTIC Incubator at IIT Hyderabad, in collaboration with iDEX DIO, is launching an Acclimatization Bootcamp for Startups. The main aim of this program is to scout startups with technological innovations that focus on civilian applications and realign them for defence use cases.

The program would help startups identify the problems that could be solved with the help of their technology which is built for general applications. After the problem identification, the startup would create a product design aligned with defence applications. To support the startup further, this program would help them with proposal writing for the iDEX Challenges as well as for other grants and direct procurements.

Acclimitization Bootcamp (ABC) For Indian Defence Startups Program Structure

The 12-week program is divided into 4 modules.

Documentation of existing technology/project

Once the startup in onboarded into the boot camp, they would be working on submitting the technical and product documentation. After the satisfactory documents are submitted, iTIC team would collate into a standard format and share it to knowledge partners. The knowledge partners include institutions from our armed forces and veterans.

Get feedback from knowledge partners

Once the documents are shared to knowledge partners, they’d try to understand the use cases of the civilian technologies into defence applications. Depending on the expertise, those mentors can select startup/s to guide for acclimatization. During this module, a startup and mentor would meet multiple times to understand the defence problem statement and use case of their technology.

Defence requirement aligned Product Design

Once the problem statement is identified, a startup would work on modifying their product towards a defence application. iTIC would provide access to the prototyping lab and other IITH labs for fabrication of revised prototypes.

Proposal writing for Open Challenges

In the last module, once the prototype is built, the startup would be supported in writing the proposal for iDEX Open Challenges and DISC challenges along with various other grants and direct procurements.

Benefits to Startups

  • Access to Defence Market
  • Proposal writing for grants and direct procurement
  • Feedback from Defence Ecosystem
  • Access to iTIC and IITH Infrastructure

Eligibility Criteria

  • A startup with a working prototype (MVP preferred)
  • An Indian entity with majority stakeholder of Indian citizen/s
  • Team with technical expertise.

Program Timeline

Program launch and Outreach

Application Deadline

Announcement of results

Boot Camp Kick off, Documentation of existing technology/project

Meetings with knowledge partners and their feedback (problem statement & updates needed)

Product Design and prototyping

Proposal Writing

Demo Day

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