ActinSpace International Innovation Contest 2020 for Young Nigerians

ActinSpace International Innovation Contest 2020 for Young Nigerians

ActinSpace International Innovation Contest 2020 for Young Nigerians

ActinSpace is an international innovation contest organized to motivate participants across the globe to harness their entrepreneurial capacities using space based applications to improve their communities, create employment and for wealth creation.


  • Submissions are invited from all over Nigeria
  • Application is open to candidates who are between the ages of 18 and 35
  • Nigerians from Nigeria’s public /private universities
  • Entrepreneurs (start-ups or SMEs) in the field or have demonstrated successful initiatives in related fields
  • Who are interested in the field of space and space-related initiatives


The Finals will take place in Abuja, Nigeria

  1. From February 2020, the challenges from CNES will be published and applications online will commence. Interested candidates will upload a 5 minutes video and written submissions of their abstract in relation to their selected challenge explaining their solution.

2. Applications will be taken till the end of September 2020, and will be treated on a rolling basis till the portal is closed. The candidates selected will be accompanied by mentors.

3. November 13th and 14th 2020, stages 1&2 of the Finals in Abuja.

4. At a yet to be announced date next year 2021, the winning team will go on to compete with other finalists from around the globe in Toulouse, France.


    1. Read about Challenges, Prizes and Past Winners from
    2. From a Challenge Category, choose a challenge to work on
    3. Complete Registration on this website first, to possibly represent Nigeria
    4. Then also register on site
    5. It’s advantageous if teams have inputs or members from different strengths, like financial, technical, marketing, entrepreneurial, e.t.c
    6. Female participants are encouraged to apply


To apply, click on the blue APPLY NOW button at the bottom-right corner below or on the green REGISTER NOW button at the top-right corner above.

 For more information on the competition and past winners visit


      • Be a New Space Player #Space 4.0
      • Everyday Life Business
      • Space for Earth and Humanity


For list of challenges, go to


For more Information: Visit the webpage for