Africa Conference for Collaborations, Exchange and Showcases (ACCES) Program 2020 for Emerging African Musicians

Africa Conference for Collaborations, Exchange and Showcases (ACCES) Program 2020 for Emerging African Musicians

Application deadline is 30 April 2020 (midnight CAT).

Africa Conference for Collaborations, Exchange and Showcases (ACCES) Program 2020 for Emerging African Musicians

The Music In Africa Conference for Collaborations, Exchange and Showcases (ACCES) invites African musicians based on the continent to apply for an opportunity to showcase at ACCES 2020 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania from 26 to 28 November.

ACCES, which is organised by the Music In Africa Foundation (MIAF) in a different African city every year, will offer a robust programme and platforms for performers to showcase their talent to a diverse audience of local and international delegates, including festival curators, promoters, booking agents, record labels and other influential audiences.

Launched in Dakar in 2017 and held in Nairobi in 2018 and Accra in 2019, the event includes training workshops, industry talks, keynotes, live performances, networking sessions, a collaborative recording studio, exhibitions and visits to key music industry hubs in the host city.

Who can apply?

ACCES showcases are meant for emerging musicians who can deliver outstanding live performances and are ready for the international stage. ACCES’ curators are also looking for musicians who will genuinely benefit from the opportunity to boost their careers internationally. As this event is happening in Tanzania, emphasis will also be on local bands with a view to showcase the best in Tanzanian live music.

  • This call is open to African musicians (solo artists, bands, DJs etc.) based on the continent.
  • All genres are welcome.
  • Applicants should be export-ready.
  • All participants must be over 18 years old.
  • All applications must be based on live performances and original music. No backing tracks.

Performances supporting political parties or religious faith will not be permissible.

  • Applicants should be prepared to be available for the duration of ACCES and to perform on any of the dates (26-28 November 2020).
  • Applications can be submitted by the artists themselves or by the artists/bands’ representatives (managers, publishers, labels, agents and promoters.

Support from African musicians acces program

  • Performers will receive a modest honorarium.
  • Performers will be provided with local transport (related to the performance).
  • Performers from outside Dar es Salaam will be provided accommodation (related to the performance).
  • Performers from outside Dar es Salaam will receive a per diem.
  • VISA costs will be reimbursed against receipts.
  • Performers will be granted full access passes to all ACCES activities.
  • Performers will be promoted across the Music In Africa and ACCES platforms. (programme, newsletters, press releases, website, social media).
  • ACCES will provide regular sound and lights plus basic shared backline.
  • ACCES will provide media exposure.
  • ACCES will provide tools for the performers and their reps to get in touch with new contacts and audiences, as well as B2B meetings.

NOTE: Musicians based outside Dar es Salaam should be prepared to provide own funding for transport costs to and from Dar es Salaam. The Music In Africa Foundation will strive to support musicians to apply for funding from available networks and partners but cannot guarantee that this will be successful, so please be sure that you are prepared for this before you apply.  One band manager only may be included in the travelling party and benefit from the same support offered by ACCES as the performing band members.

How to applym- African musicians acces program

Please note that your application is based on your Music In Africa profile. Here is an example of a profile:

Your profile should have the following:

  1. Clear biography.
  2. At least three latest song releases.
  3. At least one video performance.
  4. At least two high-resolution promotional photos.
  5. Social media links.

Steps to apply

  • Read the call for applications carefully.
  • Create (if you haven’t already) a profile on the Music in Africa Artist & Industry section using this link: Make sure that your profile is up to date, as this is the profile that the Curation Committee will review. Your profile must include a clear biography, a minimum of three tracks, one live performance video, two high-resolution promotional photos and social media links. NOTE: You may find your profile already created by a Music in Africa contributor. In this case, you would need to follow the online steps to claim it. Once you have control of your profile, make sure to update the information.
  • Complete and submit the online application form (the link is provided at the end of this call). Two application forms are provided – in French and English. Email applications will not be considered.

NOTE: The form will not allow applicants to save and complete later. Before you complete it, make sure you have all the required documents that will need to be attached.

Selection process – African musicians acces program

Application deadline: 30 April 2020 (midnight CAT).

  • Eligible applications will be reviewed by the ACCES Curation Committee.
  • Successful applicants will be notified by 12 June 2020.
  • Unsuccessful applicants will not be notified.
  • Only complete applications will be considered.
  • Only applications submitted via the dedicated online form will be considered.
  • Late applications will not be considered.

Application forms

You can apply in French or English.

Access the ENGLISH application form here(link is external).

Access the FRENCH application form here(link is external).

For enquiries and information, email [email protected](link sends e-mail).