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Africa Matters Ambassadors Program (AMAP) Application

Africa Matters Ambassadors Program (AMAP) Application – What is Africa Matters Initiative (AMI): A youth-led organisation that aims to empower and upskill young Africans in order to change their communities & African narrative through leadership, social entrepreneurship, and advocacy.

The Africa Matter Ambassador Program (AMAP) tries to break the programmed curse affecting the future of Africa. AMAP is a 12-month virtual African leadership development program, during which successful applicants are provided with capacity development training, cross-continental networks, mentorship from industry leaders, and guided through the implementation of Community Engagement Projects (CEPs). The virtual program is followed by 6 months of comprehensive evaluation processes to assess CEP progress and examine program contributions to participants’ holistic development as active community change-makers. At the end of the program, AMAP Ambassadors emerge with a strong network of young African leaders, mentors, a certificate of participation, a scalable community-based project, and newly acquired skills.

For the 2024 cohort, 20 young African persons between the ages 18 – 29 will form part of this program from the following countries: Ghana, Cameroon, Rwanda, Tanzania, Namibia, Angola, Malawi, South Africa, Tunisia, Zambia and Sierra Leone.

Applications open on 25th October 2023 at 12 pm CAT and will close on 26th November 2023 at 11:59 pm CAT. 

Kindly note that the application has five sections (A) Qualification Questions (B) Program Commitment Declaration (C) Personal Details (D) Written Component (E) Video Submission and Assessment (F) General Questions.

Section A – This section includes questions to confirm eligibility for the AMAP Program.

Section B –  This declaration outlines the core requirements and expectations of the program that you are applying for and agreeing to adhere to upon completion of the form and acceptance into the program.

Section C – The questions in this section focus on general information about yourself, such as demographics, language and educational background.

Section D – This section focuses on short paragraph-style questions to better understand why you want to be part of the 2023 AMAP cohort, as well as detailing some of your experiences as a leader and community worker.

Section E – This section requires you to make a short video of 3 minutes in length, briefly explaining your Community Engagement Project idea. Please follow the upload instructions carefully! Your application will not be considered if we cannot assess your video submission. Applicants with videos exceeding 3 minutes will be penalised.

Section F – This final section focuses on some general questions regarding scheduling and confirming clarity on the program.

The application should take you 45 mins to two hours to complete successfully. 

You are free to create a log-in if you would like to take your time with your application. Please remember your log-in information after creation.

The non-residential online development program will be conducted in English and will officially start in March 2024 and end in February 2025.

If you find any complications with the form, please contact us at amap@africamattersinitiative.com. Due to the high volume of applications and inquiries, please do NOT contact us regarding your application unless it has to do with technological complications.

For more Information: Visit the website for Africa Matters Ambassadors Program (AMAP)

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