African Leadership Academy (ALA) 2021 for Young Leaders across Africa (Two-Year Pre-University Program) – financial assistance available.

African Leadership Academy (ALA) 2021 for Young Leaders across Africa

Deadline: August 31st 2020

African Leadership Academy (ALA) 2021 for Young Leaders across Africa (Two-Year Pre-University Program) – financial assistance available.

African Leadership Academy (ALA) seeks to enroll the most outstanding young leaders, aged 15 – 18, from across Africa and around the world. Only the most passionate and brilliant young leaders can transform the future of our continent. Are you one of them?

Admission Criteria

Leadership Potential

At African Leadership Academy we seek young leaders with the potential to transform Africa and the world. We encourage you to share with us the activities in which you participate and the leadership roles you assume at home, in your school, or in your community, and we hope you will think critically about what “leadership” means to you.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Entrepreneurs identify needs in the world around them and take action to alleviate those needs. They start businesses, health clinics, youth organizations, and social movements. They bring new products and ideas to the world. Their efforts create value and improve lives. We encourage you to celebrate your entrepreneurial spirit and share your entrepreneurial ideas with us.

Passion for Africa

Do you have an African dream? Are you excited by the idea of spending two years in a community of individuals from a wide range of cultural, ethnic, socioeconomic, and religious backgrounds from across the continent?

Commitment to Service

When leaders use their skills for the benefit of their communities, we all benefit. Are you passionate about uplifting your community? Do you dream of a world in which all people are able to realize their dreams? Have you demonstrated this passion at school or in your community? We hope you will share with us how you plan to give back to your community and the world.

Academic Achievement

To succeed in the rigorous and challenging ALA curriculum, students must have demonstrated mastery of the subject matter taught at the school they attended before entering the Academy. Our selections committee will closely review scores from national examinations and the marks and comments on each applicant’s school reports. Finalists will also write an

Fees & Financial Assistance

ALA is one of the most prestigious education institutions in the world, with a unique financial model designed to enable us to identify, develop and connect Africa’s future leaders. Everyone who applies and is then admitted to ALA, regardless of financial background or nationality, is eligible to receive significant financial assistance* in the form of scholarships and loans towards studying at ALA and accessing membership to our lifelong network. The cost of tuition at ALA is USD $30,900 per year.

Since inception, ALA and ALU donors have contributed nearly $50 Million.

The all-inclusive cost of $30,900 per annum to attend ALA includes:

  • All-inclusive for fees for a full year covering tuition, accommodation, sports, activities, meals and uniforms.
  • Full access to ALA’s campus facilities including entertainment areas, sports fields, high-speed fibre internet, biometric security control.
  • There is proactive health and wellness care, including private medical insurance for every student.
  • The Explore Johannesburg program, which gets students out and about in our world-class African city, attending cultural and entertainment events.
  • Access to our exclusive and globally renowned University Guidance and “next steps” team, who will advise ALA families on tertiary study, gap year and other options.
  • Exclusive access to the Africa Careers Network, a team at ALA dedicated to finding and securing employment for ALA graduates across the continent with top employers.

All financial assistance awards are determined after an in-depth financial needs assessment, and require the commitment to the Social Contract. If a student breaks their commitment to the social contract, their scholarship will convert into an interest bearing loan, such that they create an ALA experience for another future African leader.

African Leadership Academy 2021 Selection Process

First Round

ALA’s selection process is extremely competitive. The Academy receives several thousand applications from a diverse array of African countries each year. These applicants come from a wide range of social, economic, cultural & educational backgrounds. The application includes short questions and essays and must be submitted with academic transcripts. Please check the admissions timeline below to confirm the appropriate application deadline for you.

Finalist Interviews

At this stage approximately 400 finalists are selected to attend finalist events held across the continent. At these events, finalists write entrance exams, participate in group activities & are interviewed one-on-one by the ALA Admissions team. Finalists are also required to submit teacher recommendations.


The hardest part of the selection process: the Academy is only able to select 120 students from the pool of extraordinary finalists to attend the Academy. All finalists will be notified of their admissions status by mid- April.


June 1st 2020 : Applications open!
August 31st 2020 : First application deadline (Early Decision 1)
October 31st 2020: Second application deadline (Early Decision 2)
September – October 2020: Rolling reviews and Early Decision 1 finalist interviews. Applicants will receive final decisions by October 31st, 2020
November 1st, 2020 – December 18th, 2020: Regular Decision Applications
November 2020 – December 2020 Rolling reviews and Early Decision 2 finalist interviews. Applicants will receive final decisions latest January 15th, 2021
February 2021 – March 2021 : Regular decision finalist interviews
April 30th 2021 : All finalists will be notified of their admissions status. All admitted students will be contacted by email and phone

For More Information: Visit the Official Webpage African Leadership Academy 2021

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