Call for Video Submissions: African Union Youth Envoy ACTION PLAN CAMPAIGN 2019/2020

Application Deadline: August 16th 2019

African Union Youth Envoy want to include your voices in our 2019/20 Action Plan Campaign

Send us your video as an individual, a group, a movement or as an organization: The instructions for the video submissions can be downloaded below in English, French, Arabic and Kiswahili.

Video Script Guide

Use the following questions to guide your video. The video length should be ​59seconds or less.

1.What is you or your organization’s name?
2.Where do you or your organization come from?
3.What do you or your organization currently do?
4.Why should people support the AU Youth Envoy Action Plan 2019/20?
5.Chose a one-liner below to end your video

How to record the video message

1.Use a device with a good camera and can capture sound, for example, ​a smartphone, a digital camera, a webcam on your laptop​ or a tablet

2.Shoot your video in landscape format. Please see the example ​here

3.Find a quiet place to record. Avoid places with wind, traffic, or people talking

4.Record your video in any of the AU languages, thus ​English, French, Swahili,Portugues or Arabic

5.Be upbeat when recording!

6.It would be cool if you had a background with anything representing your culture or Africa, but no pressure. Be creative.

7.You can submit up to 3 videos with different concepts

8.Send your submission via email to ​[email protected] ​with the subject line​ AP2019/20 Video Submission [First & Last Name or Org Name] ​ – In your submission email, include your social media links and website if you have any.

Note:​ We will only consider using your video if the picture is visible and the sound is audible.

For More Information: Visit the Official Webpage of the Call for Video Submissions: African Union ACTION PLAN 2019/20 CAMPAIGN

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