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AGcessibility Scholarships 2022-2023 for Students from low SES and First Nations

AGcessibility Scholarships 2022-2023 for Students from low SES and First Nations

The Anthony Costa Foundation in conjunction with goFARM Australia and Australian Farming Services have joined Charles Sturt in supporting the future of the Australian Agriculture / Horticulture sector.

The Anthony Costa Foundation and goFARM have committed over $1 million dollars to a Scholarship program for students from low SES and First Nations backgrounds.


1. AGcessibility Kickstart Scholarships – Apply Now

$15 000  Scholarships for students from low-socio-economic backgrounds.

2. AGcessibility First Nations Scholarships – Apply Now

$15 000  Scholarships for students of First Nations backgrounds.

The project will build capability and capacity for Australia’s agriculture industry into the future and contribute to the goal of becoming a $100 billion industry by 2030.

The project will contribute to Australia’s rural and regional growth, as Charles Sturt has recorded that 82 per cent of agriculture graduates remain in rural areas long-term following graduation.


The agricultural, horticultural and livestock industries have long been the backbone of regional Australia. An estimated one-third of employment in regional areas is directly or indirectly linked to the agricultural sector. Projections indicate that all these industries have very strong futures both to support the domestic market and, increasingly, the expanding range of export markets.

Employment in Agriculture is changing: Routine employment is being replaced by mechanisation, computerisation and robotics. Such changes increase demand for higher skilled and well trained personnel as these industries transition to a higher tech and stronger science requirement – thus there is growing demand for well-trained, innovative and passionate young people to build positive and financially rewarding agricultural careers. Currently there exist on average 4-5 job opportunities for each university graduate in agriculture and horticulture.

It follows then that there is every reason, apart from awareness, opportunity and support, for First Nations youth and youth from low SES categories to take advantage of this opportunity to build their careers. We have identified several barriers that, if overcome, could deliver life changing outcomes for such individuals and for the communities they serve.

Charles Sturt University wishes to create opportunities for First Nations and students from low socio-economic backgrounds to attend university for agricultural and horticultural studies that position them for long term well-remunerated employment. In so doing these trained and qualified students will contribute significantly to a build-up in workforce capacity in these essential and rural-based industries where the increase in availability of workforce is a regional and national imperative.

For more Information: Visit the website for AGcessibility Scholarships 2022-2023 for Students from low SES and First Nations

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