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Anambra Post Primary Schools Service Commission Teaching Job Application

Anambra Post Primary Schools Service Commission Teaching Job Application 2023 – The government of Professor Chukwuma Soludo CFR., has called on Ndi Anambra who are suitably qualified to make the best of the ongoing teachers recruitment exercise and apply to teach in various secondary schools in the state.
In line with the manifesto of our dear Governor, Prof Charles Chukwuma Soludo (CFR) on recruiting the most qualified teachers to give school children what he called opportunity equalizer.
Post Primary Schools Service Commission Anambra calls for online applications from eligible individuals who wish to be employed to teach in Public Secondary Schools of the State. The qualified individuals must possess the following

The Qualified Individual must possess the following:

i. Bachelor in Science, Education, Technology, Engineering, B.Sc, B.Ed, B.Eng, B.Tech,HND. ii. NYSC Discharge Certificate.
iii. First School Living Certificate. iv. Evidence of Age(Birth Certificate).
v. TRCN Certificate is an added advantage.

The statement further noted subjects needed to include: 

1. Mathematics. 2. English Language.
3. Igbo Language.
4. Chemistry.
5. Physics.
6. Block laying and concreting.
7. Electrical installation and Maintenance Practice.
8. Furniture Design and Construction.
9. Catering Craft Practice.
10. Mechanical Engineering craft practice.
11. Motor Vehicle Mechanic Work.
12. Vehicle body building.
13. Radio, TV and Electronic Work.
14. Computer Science (Coding Al and Robotics)
15. Building Engineering Drawing/Technical drawing
16. General metal work
17. Special Education.
18. Painting and decoration
19. Automobile
20. Auto electrical work
21. Auto Mechanical work
22. Welding and Fabrication
23. Vehicle body building.
24. Machine wood working
25. Upholstery
26. Garment making
27. Textile trade
28. Photography
29. GSM Maintenance
30. Textile trade
31. Electrical Electronics
32. Wood work
33. Plumbing and pipe fitting
34. Accounting 35. History
36. Dyeing and bleaching 37. Fishery
38. Basic Electricity
39. Geography
40. Accounting
41. Data Processing
42. Store keeping
43. Animal Husbandry 44. Cosmetology
45. Building Construction
46. Food and Nutrition
47. Leather Manufacturing and repair.
48. Business Trade.
49. French.
50. Marketing.

How to Apply for Post Primary Schools Service Commission Teaching Job Application 2023

  1. Visit https://anambrastate.gov.ng/ppssc
  2. Click on Start now, fill the job application form and submit.


Closing date of application is 14th October, 2023.
  • A test in candidates area of specialization will be conducted for all applicants that meet the criteria.
  • Always check the PPSSC website for information on the test date.
  • List of Successful candidates will be posted online for physical interview, verification of certificates and documentation.
Prof. Nkechi kediugwu Chairman PPSSC Awka.
All Correspondences to be addressed to the Chairman
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