Apply Morehouse College Students International Spring Tour 2020 to Accra, Ghana ,Dakar and Senegal

Program Description
The Annual International Spring Tour is an international travel experience, which offers sixteen to twenty Morehouse College students exposure to no less than two foreign countries, cultures and leadership styles.

Morehouse College has set out to enhance classroom education by adding outside of the classroom experiences. Exposing as many students as possible to international travel, international business decisions, international political decisions, international education and international cultures, Morehouse College has made significant strides in accomplishing these goals.

The International Spring Tour, which began in 1985 with visits to Brussels, Belgium; Rome, Italy; Paris, France and London, England has traveled to every continent on the globe, except Antarctica and most recently traveled to Hong Kong, China and Bangkok, Thailand in March of 2019. The support of our Corporate Partners and friends continues to allow us great success in the development of Global Leaders.


  • Any student in his junior or senior year of study at Morehouse College
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Applicant must be a full-time student in good standing and making a contribution to your department and/or college.

Program Costs
Program Fee* $0
Passport** $145.00
Visa (if applicable) $0
Estimated Meals Not Included in Program Fee  $300

Estimated Personal Expenses/Miscellaneous $200

*The Program Fee includes:

  • Airline travel, transfers and hotel accommodations are covered and free for each student traveler.
  • International health insurance
  • Full breakfast each day of trip abroad (after departure from Atlanta)
  • We recommend students bring or have access to additional funds at their discretion ($300 – $500) to cover food, souvenirs, and entertainment during periods in which they are given free time to explore cities we are visiting.

** If you already have a passport that will be valid at least 6 months beyond the planned return date of this trip, this fee will not apply to you. If you do not currently have a valid passport, please visit to learn about obtaining or renewing a U.S. passport. Participants are responsible for applying for and obtaining a passport on their own. Morehouse College will not handle this process on your behalf.

Using your Financial Aid
Institutional scholarships are not applied to study abroad costs. We strongly encourage students to apply for scholarships to fund study abroad. Please see the director of International Education to learn more about scholarship opportunities.

Scholarships may be available for this program. Morehouse College maintains a website highlighting some of the more prominent scholarships in the field of study abroad. Use the Find Scholarships button to explore these.

How to Apply
All applicants must complete the online application through Morehouse College. You can start an application for this program by clicking the ‘Apply Now’ . If you already started an application for this program, you can access it by clicking the “Login to an Existing Application” button.

Additional information about the application process and timeline for applications can be found on the About Morehouse Study Abroad section of the Education Abroad website.

In addition to the general application materials, this program requires some supplemental materials as well. These are collected through this same online application – you will be prompted for them as part of the online application and do not need to submit them separately. These supplemental items are outlined below, to help students prepare for what they will be completing in the online application.

  • You must be nominated by two (2) faculty members in one of the seven Academic Divisions which are as follows: Social & Cultural Studies; Humanities; Life Sciences; Business Administration & Economics; Mathematics & Computational Sciences; Creative & Performing Arts; Experiential Learning & Interdisciplinary Studies (YOU must ensure faculty members submit nominations on your behalf to the e-mail address found in the Spring Tour 2020 Application).
  • A statement on why you would like to participate in the tour and what you expect to gain from this experience (no more than two typed pages, Times New Roman, double-spaced, 12pt font).
  • A resume
  • A recent professional photo (headshot)
  • A documented research paper (fully footnoted and acknowledging all reference sources), of not less than 10 typed pages (Times New Roman, double-spaced, 12pt font) and not more than 15 typed pages on the topic stated below. (Plagiarism results in immediate disqualification)


Background: In recent years, the issue of Chinese economic and cultural influence in Sub-Sahara Africa has polarized the opinions of citizens affected by China’s involvement and impact in Sub-Sahara Africa nations. On one hand, citizens in those nations are apprehensive that working with China to address issues related to economic development in the form of capital access, financial investment, language assimilation and infrastructure projects exposes their countries to long term risk of losing control of their assets, resources and cultural traditions. On the other hand, some Sub-Sahara Africa governments and citizens are in favor of Chinese engagement because of the prospect of growth, development, and improved quality of life.

Research Question:

What are the social, economic, historical, and political implications of capital investment in Sub-Sahara Africa from China? What concerns, if any, should the United States and other developed or developing countries have with these developments? You may write this paper from the perspective of your academic discipline and intellectual area of interest. Be sure to use citations from reputable journal articles and books to present an unbiased argument for and against Chinese investment in Sub-Sahara Africa. You may also use tables and graphs to support your claims.

There will be no exceptions and all procedural requirements will be strictly enforced.

Important Dates
Application Deadline: October 25, 2019 at 11:59pm – no exceptions.


For more Information: Visit the website for Morehouse College Students International Spring Tour 2020 to Accra, Ghana ,Dakar and Senegal

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