APWLD Women2030 Sub-grant for National Monitoring of the Sustainable Development Goals and Development Justice 2020-2021 for women’s rights and feminist Organizations

DEADLINE: Friday, 17 January 2020

APWLD is inviting women’s rights and feminist organizations in the region to apply for the Women2030 Sub-grant: National Monitoring of the Sustainable Development Goals and Development Justice.

In this Women2030 programme 2020-2021, APWLD will partner and support eight to ten organisations to do monitoring of the SDGs implementation in their country using the Feminist Development Justice as a framework and to carry out advocacy based on it.

APWLD will provide each partner organisations with a small sub-grant between $18,000 – $20,000 USD to support the employment of a dedicated staff coordinator to carry out the project for 18 months.

This small grant will cover some salary costs, contribute to national or local consultations with a broad range of community groups, civil society and development actors, and carry out advocacy aimed to ensure that development policies and agenda are informed and shaped by the needs of women and their communities.

APWLD will also support staff from each organisation in regional-level capacity building workshops and provide advocacy or network opportunities. They will access training and skill shares in media advocacy, data gathering and analysis, research methods, gender assessments, participatory baseline setting and other necessary skills for the project. The organisation will then share their acquired knowledge and tools with civil society groups locally through a combination of training, meetings, online tools and platforms, etc.

Through this programme, APWLD has built capacity and provide resources and tools to national and local feminist and women’s rights organizations to produce their own analysis, critique and provide a recommendation on their government’s commitments and implementations of the SDGs using Development Justice as a framework.

The programme also provides organisations with an opportunity to influence the national and local policies and framework for the SDGs implementations and to be part of larger and stronger local, regional and global movements of feminists and peoples’ organizations and networks working to achieve Development Justice.

This programme will be coordinated by APWLD Feminist Development Justice (FDJ) Programme. A selection committee comprised of the FDJ programme committee and APWLD secretariat will select eight to ten organisations that will conduct monitoring and review of their priority goals and targets as well as a set of Development Justice Indicators.

Please refer to the programme concept note for more details.

Selection criteria

Applicants should be non-governmental and non-profita feminist, women’s rights and/or women-led organisation from countries in the Asia Pacific region who demonstrate the following:

  • Commitment to the enjoyment and realisation of the human rights of women in Asia Pacific, particularly of the most marginalized (young, rural, indigenous, migrant, Dalit women and/or women in other minority groups),
  • Able to demonstrate experience in working with grassroots’ communities.
  • Since the objective of this project is to monitor and review the Sustainable Development Goals, nationally, it is important that applying organisations are familiar with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development or development-related policies in the national and/or local level.
  • Capacity and commitment to fulfil the monitoring programme for the whole18 months;
  • Commitment to the feminist Development Justice framework;
  • Able to provide a dedicated staff coordinator for the project and to write a Peoples’ Development Justice Report
  • Able to bring a broad range of community members, civil society and development actors for consultations.

APWLD will consider the following when selecting the partner organisations for this project:

  • Preference may be given to organisations from the countries potentially to report at the High-Level Political Forum (HLPF) 2020-2021.
  • Organisational capacity to successfully implement the monitoring and review project.
  • Experience in advocacy work related to the SDGs and Development Justice.


Interested organizations should submit the application form by Friday, 17 January 2020 to Wardarina [email protected] and Hien Nguyen [email protected] or fax to +66(0)53 280 847.

Please download the application form here.

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