Arab Development Portal – Visualize 2030 Data Camp Initiative for Youths in Arab Region


Deadline: Novbember 8th 2020

Arab Development Portal – Visualize 2030 Data Camp Initiative for Youths in Arab Region

Visualize 2030 is an initiative of the Arab Development Portal which aims to encourage the consumption of data by youth from the Arab region in support of advocacy campaigns and innovative thinking around development priorities and to advance their contribution to informed public debate in the region.

Visualize 2030 is an annual data camp that brings together youth from Arab countries to enhance their technical and analytical capacity to produce audio visual content on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Visualize 2030 calls upon youth (aged 20-30) to use official statistics with the aim of visualizing a data-driven story that highlights concerns, hopes or ambitions regarding a development topic in a selected Arab country or for the whole Arab region. Every year, Visualize 2030 will be addressing a development theme in the Arab region within the framework of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Visualize 2030 brings together the top ideas selected for a data adventure to collectively think and engage with one another in order to unleash the power of data: create a data-driven visual product that can take the form of a poster, infographics, illustrations, videos or any other visualization using the ADP Database or other official national or international sources.

Visualizers are shortlisted based on skills and innovation, taking into consideration diversity criteria, mainly in terms of ideas presented, gender and country representation. Participants are expected to be from the Arab region.

During the camp, Visualizers are granted access to training and production facilities where trainers on graphic design, videography, animation, statistical analysis, visualization and communication and presentation skills are available to assist them develop their final products.

Arab Development Portal – Visualize 2030 Data Camp Application criteria

Step 1 — Launch the call for application
ADP will launch the call for applications for the Visualize 2030 via a social media campaign. Interested applicants are expected to fill the online application and submit an updated professional portfolio and research samples (if available).

Step 2 — Selection of the top ideas
The applications will be assessed by the jury of the preselection phase. The top teams (teams of two or three) will be selected based on skills and innovation, taking into consideration diversity criteria. Shortlisted teams will be notified about their acceptance via email.

Step 3 — Data camp
The shortlisted teams will be invited to the data camp to develop their ideas. Visualizers will be granted access to trainings and production facilities.

Step 4 — Final Ceremony
Visualizers will present their final products during a Ceremony and that will include pitch presentations and demonstrations of the products by the teams (2-3 minutes per team). The top three teams will win cash prizes and their names will be announced in a spot broadcasted on the ceremony day


  1. Visualize 2030 targets youth aged 20 to 30 years in the Arab region
  2. It mainly addresses young students, researchers, graphic designers, journalists, and any other citizens interested in sustainable development in the Arab region.
  3. The Visualize 2030 is open to teams composed of two or three individuals. Individual applications will not be considered.
  4. The team must include at least one designer and one data analyst/researcher/economist.
  5. Visualize 2030 alumni are not eligible to participate.
  6. UN staff are not eligible to participate.

Arab Development Portal – Visualize 2030 Data Camp Evaluation criteria

Phase 1 — Work progress and attendance (25 percent)
Over four weeks, the trainers (graphic designers, videographers, animators, statistical analysts) and the ADP team will assess and grade visualizers progress of work and their attendance over 25 percent of the final grade.

Phase 2 — Dissemination and Outreach (25 percent)
Participants should disseminate their products during Week 5, tagging and mentioning relevant organizations and governmental institutions. The engagement and reach of the posts/tweets will account for 25 percent of the final grade.

Phase 3 — Final product (50 percent)
The multidisciplinary evaluation committee will assess the final outputs of the teams. The competing ideas will be scored over 50 percent of the total grade based on the following criteria:

  • Richness of data: Does the content produced by teams use diverse datasets? How much effort did the team put into data analysis and data crunching? How well referenced are the data sources used?
  • Creativity and impact: Is the visual content unique? Does it reflect creativity and an attempt to produce something new and visually appealing?
  • Quality of work: Is the visual product of high quality?
  • Relevance:
    1. Is the visual content relevant to the selected theme?
    2. Does the idea relate to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development?
    3. Does the idea show a concern over an Arab country or the Arab region’s priorities?


For more Information: Visit the webpage for Arab Development Portal – Visualize 2030 Data Camp Initiative for Youths in Arab Region