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Azim Premji University Forests of Life – Call for Internship Proposal 2023

Azim Premji University Forests of Life – Call for Internship Proposal 2023

Forests of Life, a celebration of our forests is the second festival under the Nature Awareness series, organised by Azim Premji University.

The festival aims to tell the story of forests through images, installations, interaction with experts, folklore around forests, etc., as seen through the eyes of individuals from different parts of India.

This is a call to encourage young students to present their forest narratives as photo essays, using mobile and/or professional cameras. This will help us take a step back and live the stories of affinity, threats, cultural affiliations, biodiversity, conflicts and above all, hope for our forests.

Internship Duration: 3 month internship will see select interns not only documenting stories but will also hopefully inculcate a life long love for forests. As with Rivers of Life, our interns are encouraged to serve as custodians of their forests.

Call is open now!

Forests serve multiple roles but increased pressure on ecosystems are leading to degrading health of our fragile forests, amidst widespread stress upon the last remaining wildlands of India. The story of our forests is however more than its anthropogenic benefits. When in the Western Ghats, in the midst of never ending sholas and floating grasslands, or in the highlands of Central India where giant Sal trees tower above all, or in the Himalayas where the deodar is beloved as the ‘Tree of the Gods’, forests continue to be the givers of life, a reminder of the critical role that earth system processes play in ameliorating the world we live in.

From sacred forests inside ancient groves, to wooded groves within industrial complexes, government  institutes and universities, in defence land and temple premises, and forests, parks and heritage trees in cities – forest patches in all the above locations have a thread in common. Forests are distinct and mutually independent lands that are repositories of unique biodiversity, and often a signature remnant of ancient landscapes that once thrived in India. Indigenous groups not only depend upon forests for sustenance but are also deeply ingrained with the forest through unique cultural conservation practices. From small to large, islands of forest biodiversity also face continual threat. However, diverse efforts to protect, regenerate and restore these landscapes spell out hope for the future of forests in the coming decades.

We seek to bring out conservation stories of our fragile forested lands, from remote corners and big cities, through the stories of dedicated professionals and of intrepid interns as you search for stories.

Last date to submit your entries: 31st Jan 2023

Please contact us at [email protected] for any clarifications.

Warm Regards,

Forests of Life Team, Azim Premji University


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