Bertelsmann and Udacity Next Generation Tech Booster Global Scholarships 2023

Bertelsmann and Udacity Next Generation Tech Booster Global Scholarships 2023

Bertelsmann and Udacity Next Generation Tech Booster Global Scholarships 2023 – Bertelsmann and Udacity are partnering to award learners with scholarships. Learn valuable skills to open new career opportunities in the lucrative fields of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, or project management.

About the Next Generation Tech Booster
If you’re 18 years or older, have English comprehension, and are looking to develop job-ready skills in project management, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity, this scholarship program is for you.

As a global leader in media, education, and services, Bertelsmann wants to empower people around the world to be successful in the tech and data sectors, especially those individuals who historically may not have access to such skill-building opportunities. This program aims to set up eager learners for exciting, high-paying careers in tech.

Please note: if you are a Bertelsmann employee, please apply to the Bertelsmann Employee Scholarship linked here.

What is the Bertelsmann Tech & Data Scholarship Initiative?

Over a three-year period, Bertelsmann is once again investing significantly in funding tech scholarships with more than 50,000 chances for learners all over the world to build some of the most in-demand tech skills of our time.

The initiative is divided into two parallel programs: The internal “Bertelsmann Employee Scholarship Program” exclusively for Bertelsmann employees and the external “Next Generation Tech Booster” program for all interested parties outside the Group.

With this, we are not only offering a more targeted approach with increased support to our internal participants, but are making it easier than ever for employees to take part and earn a qualification – in the Bertelsmann Employee Scholarship.

A more diversified scholarship landscape and more support to Bertelsmann participants

The employee cohort is separated from the external one in order to offer you as a Bertelsmann participant more targeted support and more content options to choose from. This means that the scholarship landscape is getting more diversified – you can apply for Udacity or Coursera, according to your learning or content preference.

Each year, Bertelsmann University will be awarding more than 1000 scholarship seats. The seats will be filled as followed: half by nomination and half will be granted to employees showing their initiative and indicating their preference by completing a simple application form. Seats of the Harvard Online Data Science Principles course will be filled by 100% nomination of the divisional HR team.

Once accepted into the program, you can start working towards your certificate without any further funneling process.

How to Apply for Bertelsmann and Udacity Next Generation Tech Booster Global Scholarships 2023

Applications are open to all employees from September 27 – November 30, 2023 (on this landing page). All you will need to do is:

  • Choose if you would like to learn with Coursera or Udacity (if Udacity, please also choose your preferred Nanodegree)
  • Enter some backround information
  • Complete two short motivational questions showing us your initiative
  • If you are applying for a Udacity Nanodegree with prerequisites: Answer some short technical assessment questions

Please note that each employee can only take up one seat at a time. So, if you have been nominated by your divisional HR team, it´s no longer necessary to apply for a seat on your own behalf.


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