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Butler in Asia – Singapore Internship Program 2023

Deadline: 11/29/2022

Butler in Asia – Singapore Internship Program 2023

Embark on a 6-week internship to Asia and work in a unique environment directly connected to your major. Internship placements are in most academic disciplines and placement is determined 1 month prior to departure.

The summer internships are 6 weeks long and students work full-time. A Butler faculty member will be on hand for the first 3 weeks to get you settled.

Butler has been awarded grants from the Freeman Foundation to support undergraduate student internships in East Asian sites in countries like China, Japan, and Singapore. The mission of the Freeman Foundation is to provide real world experience for students in real work settings with direct interaction with local people in East and Southeast Asia.

The Butler in Asia program has 2 locations for 2023 – Tokyo and Singapore. If you want to be considered for multiple locations, then you must SUBMIT an application for each location. You will have an opportunity in the application to rank your location preferences.

Internship Placement Opportunities:

Accounting Legal Journalism
Advertising/Communication Fashion Logistics & Supply Chain
Architecture Finance Marketing
Art Graphic Design Non-Profit
Business Green Technology  Pharmaceutical & Healthcare
Entrepreneurship Hospitality/Tourism Publishing
 Event Planning Human Resources  Public Relations
 Engineering  Information Technology Real Estate

 Internship Sectors Most commonly placed in Singapore; others available but could take longer to place.

Advertising Business Development Entrepreneurship
Event Planning Engineering Finance
Graphic Design Marketing Public Relations
Dates / Deadlines:
Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Summer 2023 11/29/2022 12/13/2022 05/19/2023 07/08/2023

Application process

You are applying for the Butler in Asia – Singapore program.

To Apply, select “Apply Now” on this website. The application includes:

1. Location Preference:  If you are applying to the other Butler in Asia location – Tokyo, you will be asked to rank your location preferences.  If you want be considered for the Tokyo program, then you must complete that application, as well.

2. Personal Statement – you will be prompted to answer these questions (200 word limit per question):

  • Describe your motivation for applying to the Butler in Asia Internship Program. How do you expect the experience to contribute to your personal, academic and career development goals?
  •  What intercultural competencies do you feel you have and how will these benefit you while living and working in Asia? (language skills, experience living abroad – not just vacations, courses taken, etc…)
  • Please provide as much information as possible regarding the type of internship placement you would find most valuable.
  • Describe the personal attributes, knowledge and skills you can bring to an internship placement.
  • Your statement should also address what you imagine will be your greatest personal challenge and your greatest personal asset in terms of how well you will adapt to a challenging cultural, linguistic and organizational environment. More specifically, how will you view/deal with cultural differences (between the East and the West).
  • To you, what does it mean to live and work in another country as a guest? What attitudes and behaviors would you have that would indicate to your host country that you are respectful and working to represent Butler well?

3. Reading  Students will be required to read and respond to an article in the application.

4. Non-Refundable Deposit– A $500 non-refundable deposit is due by the application deadline (details for submission are in the application).

  • If you are applying to multiple locations, then you only need to submit one $500 deposit. Our office will mark off the requirement on all of your applications.

If you are not selected to participate in the program by the CGE, the $500 deposit will be returned after December 13th.


3 credits – Internship

Once you are selected for the program, the Center for Global Education will work with you to determine the best academic home for your internship credit.
* You must be enrolled in and complete a course at Butler.

  • Students will be required to attend (2) pre-departure orientations in April
  • Students will be responsible for readings and reflection as part of the summer program and that feedback will be shared with the professors overseeing the credit


The program is open to all Butler students and all majors.

The program is not open to graduating seniors. If you are graduating in May, August or December of 2023 you are unable to apply.

If you do not have a passport or it needs to be renewed, please do so NOW. You will need a passport for the visa process in early Spring.

Given the rigor of the internship and academic requirements, a minimum of 3.0 cumulative GPA is recommended.


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