Call for Interest- African European Youth Forum 2020

Call for Interest- African European Youth Forum 2020

Deadline: 16 September 2020.

Call for Interest- African European Youth Forum 2020

Around the world, young individuals demonstrate the dynamic power of the next generation to effect change and to find solutions to the problems they face. They act as a driving force for sustainable economic development.This is why harnessing the potential of youth is among the key priorities of the African Union Agenda 2063, the EU Comprehensive Strategy with Africa and the Marshall Plan with Africa of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

For this reason, we are inviting the young generation from both continents to the African European Youth Forum. As the next generation, you will be asked to look for new and innovative approaches to realise the 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are excited to hear your ideas and suggestions regarding what needs to be done to accelerate the implementation of the SDGs.

The African-European Youth Forum will precede the established platform for dialogue among youth representatives from Africa and Europe at the 5th AU-EU Youth Summit, which will be held within the framework of the 6th AU-EU Heads of States and Governments Summit later this year. The results of the African-European Youth Forum on 28-29 September will feed into the Youth Summit and its recommendations to the Heads of State and Government. In addition, the Youth Forum will promote the integration of a joint AUEU youth agenda in the work of the Council of the EU through Germany’s Presidency.

The working groups will be formed around the following thematic clusters:
 Nutrition and poverty (SDGs 1 and 2)
 Sustainable growth and employment (SDG 8)
 Education and digitalisation (SDG 4)
 Climate action and renewable energy (SDGs 7 and 13)
 Peace and security, good governance, political inclusion (SDG 16)
 Health and the impacts of COVID-19 (SDG 3)

African European Youth Forum 2020 Selection Criteria

Candidates for the Youth Forum will be chosen on the basis of merit and a common set of criteria. As far as possible, we aim to achieve a good regional (six African regions, Northern / Southern / Eastern Europe), gender and age balance across the participant
group. We will inform you by e-mail on the selection of participants prior to the event.

Candidates should be young leaders in civil society.

Participants’ profile:
 Aged between 18 and 35
 Clearly motivated to participate in the Youth Forum
 Expertise in at least one of the topics and able to share proven experience with the implementation of projects, campaigns or initiatives
 Strong network ties and/or current involvement in a youth organisation/network
 Interest in and understanding of AU-EU cooperation
 Fluent in English

Cluster debates on 28 September 2020:

On 28 September, 100 youth representatives (50 from Europe and 50 from Africa) will be given the opportunity to actively contribute to and discuss the thematic clusters in working groups. In each group, you will have the support of facilitators to formulate tangible recommendations that will be incorporated in a common document. The aim is to discuss
the different topics and to let your ideas flow into a “Roadmap of Solutions”.

Plenary meeting on 29 September 2020:

On the next day, appointed rapporteurs from the working groups will present their results to high-level representatives of the AU and EU, and there will be a virtual handover of the joint African-European Youth “Roadmap of Solutions”. Thereafter, there
will be an opportunity for all participants to engage in a dialogue with the high-level representatives. At the end, the final “Roadmap of Solutions” will be presented to the German Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development and the AU and EU representatives.


The Youth Forum is an online event. This means that access to a laptop or other computer and headset and a stable internet connection are prerequisites for your participation. The selected participants will receive further detailed technical information prior to the event.
25 September: planning a technical check-up meeting on . Please make sure you are available to join this meeting.

The discussion in the working groups will be in English only. Therefore, a good working knowledge of English is necessary for your participation. However, for the plenary sessions on 29 September, interpretation from and into French and German will be available.

If you are a highly motivated EU or African citizen aged between 18 and 35 and keen to contribute to the political dialogue and decision-making on the priorities of the future European-African partnership, you are cordially invited to apply for participation in the African-European Youth Forum:


For More Information: Call for Interest- African European Youth Forum 2020