Call for Application: Co-creation team of grassroots activists

Deadline: 26 November 2020 at 23:59 GMT+2:

Call for Application: Co-creation team of grassroots activists

Are you a passionate and committed grassroots activist who enjoys storytelling and would like to help amplify the voice of grassroots groups and spread the word about their crucial work? Would you like to help promote change among the donor community for more and better funding and resources for grassroots in the Global South?

 is looking for five grassroots activists from the Global South to start a group that will co-create and implement an influencing strategy and campaign to advocate for improved resourcing practices for grassroots activism. This is a paid, part-time and remote collaboration opportunity.


Grassroots groups and movements are paving the way towards social, economic, political, and environmental justice and equality around the world. However, they often lack access to enough and quality resources to do their activism work and secure their livelihoods. That’s why CIVICUS, a worldwide alliance of citizens and civil society organisations based in the Global South, has been increasing efforts over the last three years to advocate for more and better resources for grassroots groups and movements.

Those efforts include studying the resourcing landscape for grassroots activists, consulting with activists and donors, and creating safe spaces where grassroots and donors can discuss their challenges and opportunities. CIVICUS is also testing funding modalities to learn first-hand and share lessons and best practices around how to better resource grassroots.

We have come to realise that one of the best ways in which CIVICUS alliance can advocate for better resources for grassroots is by helping create and amplify a positive, grassroots-led narrative around grassroots activism, and its resourcing needs and opportunities.

To do this, the five selected grassroots activists will work together as a diverse co-creation group that will lead, together with CIVICUS staff, the development and implementation of an influencing strategy and campaign. This will be aimed at increasing recognition of the role and value of grassroots activism among the donor community and the general public, promoting improved resourcing strategies and practices with specific proposals or recommendations directed to selected donors and other enablers, and making the case for increased funding and other meaningful resources and support for grassroots.

The work of this group will include providing their experience and expertise to co-create the strategy and campaign, but also to consult, collect, and share the needs and stories of other grassroots activists and groups from their communities. This group will also interact directly with donors to input the strategy and campaign and will be involved in its dissemination.

Selected members of this grassroots co-creation group will be expected to dedicate 400 hours to this from January to December 2021 and will receive a stipend for their time and expenses. For more information on the terms of reference, click here.

 Co-creation team of grassroots activists  Eligibility criteria

  1. Available to dedicate 400 hours to work on this initiative between January and December 2021. (Approximately one day a week.)
  2. Available to work at least 200 of the 400 hours between 2:00pm and 5:00pm GMT+2 time zone.  (Click here to find the equivalent to your time zone.) Most likely the group conference calls will take place at 3:00pm GMT+2 and must be taken in a quiet place, if possible.
  3. Access to stable internet connection for video conferences, email and upload content on social media for at least 8 hours per week.
  4. Working level of English, Spanish or French.
  5. Geographic location  (Both a national and resident from the following regions: Latin America and Caribbean, Middle East and North Africa, Sub-Sahara Africa, Asia, Pacific)
  6. Being 18 years or older by January 1, 2021.
  7. Initiator or part of mobilized networks or movements or change-seeking communities at the local or national level.
  8. Minimum 2 years of consistent involvement in community work in the country of residence, policy change advocacy, movement building within a place-based, issue based or identity-based movement advancing progressive economic, political, environmental and social justice causes.
  9. Willing to engage and represent your community members from your movement on this initiative.
  10. Able to lead on the curation of at least one story of grassroots organizing about/with your community or movement. Skills in storytelling.
  11.  Committed to input in the campaign and engaging directly with funders and other enablers (e.g: international non-governmental organisations).
  12.  Available to travel for aspects of the programme to be held outside of your country (COVID-19 permitting) for at least 10% of the overall time commitment. (Dependent care allowances and accommodations will be considered on a case-by-case basis.)
  13. For this new initiative, we will consider only people that are not concurrently involved in other advisory or decision-making groups within CIVICUS (Board member, DIGNA, YAT, MAG, Vuka!, Innovation for Change Governance Circle, AGNA Steering Committee, etc.)
  14. Confirmed understanding of the purpose of the initiative, proposed approach and your expected role.

 Co-creation team of grassroots activists  Selection criteria

  • Belonging to a mobilized network or movement, or small, informal change-seeking community advancing progressive economic, political, environmental, and social justice causes.
  • Demonstrated experience in organising and mobilising people, support and resources around initiatives, actions and campaigns addressing social injustices and political issues in the community.
  • Demonstration of meaningful engagement with community/movement members and ‘team spirit’.
  • Significant contribution to influencing change through their work, leadership and service.
  • Lack of visibility or solidarity which has hindered your group from financial or other support and solidarity.
  • Relevance (will the candidate’s movement or network benefit from being part of this grassroots resourcing campaign process).

Note: We place more value on practical experience rather than professional credentials.

Preference for applications from:

  • CIVICUS members (If you are not yet a CIVICUS member, join here)
  • Social media and digital promotion savvy
  • Storytellers or activists with creative skills (example: video making, photo, music, arts)
  • Womxn, youth, people living in rural areas, and those targeted by racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, classism and ableism.

How to apply

Please complete and submit this application form before 26 November 2020 at 23:59 GMT+2:

If you have further questions after reading this document, email

Results will be communicated to all applicants in December 2020.

For More Information: Visit the Official Webpage of the CIVICUS co-creation team for grassroots activists

Israel Wellington Jeremiah
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