The internship is an opportunity that is offered by an employer to mainly students, undergraduates, or recent graduates and they are referred to as interns. These interns work at a firm or Company for a fixed period of time, usually 1-6 months. Internships are usually part-time if offered during a university semester and full-time if offered during the vacation periods

How to Seek And Find Internship Opportunities Around The World

Finding an internship opportunity around the world is always not easy but here, we have outlined a few basic steps in seeking an internship at various top find and companies around the world.

  • Identify Your Career Interests: this is very important as a student who wishes to acquire knowledge at the internship program if selected. Think about what you enjoy and how that might play into your future career.
  • Search online for available internship: you can search online for adverts for the available internship program which you can apply for. Some of these internship programmes list their eligibility criteria and how to apply them.
  • Network: meet and seek advice from people who have gone through this internship either family, friends, college advisors or career counselors in your school.
  • Attend Career Fairs: Top employers attend career fairs to recruit and hire talented interns and employees and above all, be sure to follow up with any recruiters you meet at a fair.
  • Contact various Employers

Internships Abroad

International internships are one of the best ways to gain skills in the intended career of your choice, and international internship opportunities make it easy for you to gather experience from the best in the world, you will also learn other valuable skills that come from going out of your home country. Some of the abroad internships include;

Energy Industry Internship with Shell: there in Oman, you will gain real-world experiences in the field of fuel and lubricant marketing by working directly under a supervisor who will be in charge of your work.

Marketing and Promotion Internship – Indonesia: this internship helps to improve your marketing skills by putting them to use. During your internship abroad, you will have the chance to implement and maintain online marketing tools, create social media content and mailings.

Internships In Africa

There are a lot of internship programmes which are made available in Africa and for Africans. These internships are ways to gain skills and experiences for your future career. Some of these programs take up to 2-6 months in duration and during this time, the intern’s network with themselves, and they are trained by professionals who are assigned to supervise their works.

Top 10 Internship Opportunities For Africans

  • MTN pulse internship: a proposition by MTN Uganda, is a community built for young people in Uganda with the aim to give them the power to be themselves and unleash their full potential. Through this initiative, MTN looks to empower the youth, with career placement and advice.
  • UNICEF Internship Programme: offers qualified students the chance to acquire direct practical experience in UNICEF’s work. The UNICEF internship duration is usually between six (6) and twenty-six (26) weeks. The goal of the UNICEF internship program is to give practical experience in the field of international development with a focus on protecting the basic rights of children, under the direct supervision of a senior staff member of the organization.
  • The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) internship programme: this is open to young men and women who want to share their ideas and latest researches with FAO. The internship program is made available to undergraduate students and postgraduate students with practical work to supplement their academic knowledge with related field works.
  • GEI Rwanda, Mental Health Internships: This internship program is co-hosted by GEI and the Center for Mental Health (CMH) at the University of Rwanda and placements are made available to students and professionals in the various mental health disciplines and related subjects. The internship brings people of different levels together to share their knowledge and skills with selected local host institutions and organizations, and gain insight into the mental health situation in the country.
  • Interswitch Nigeria Engineering internship program for young Nigerian developers: the Interswitch internship is open to young Nigerian developers who are below the age of 30. These young men and women will come together to share their innovative ideas and work closely with professionals at Interswitch.
  • United Nations (UN) legal affairs internship: this is an unpaid internship program that is for a duration of 2 months whereby, the interns will work closely with the UN staff members of the offices they are assigned to. This internship also offers practical experiences and provides interns with the opportunity to work in multicultural governmental organizations.

Government Internships

Many government internships either at local, state, or federal levels are sometimes paid. Internships are a great way to know what is going on in government offices and agencies throughout the country. Getting exposure to what’s actually happening rather than what is portrayed in the media can be an eye-opening experience for interns. While interning at the government offices, you can also be given the opportunity to apply for a full-time job placement and also networking is a very important key to getting a job with the government, reaching out to people already working in the field can often offer insight as to some of the next steps you should be taking.

These internship programs will provide you with an opportunity to expand your knowledge and benefit from invaluable on-the-job experience. Start here to apply