City of Tshwane Opens Application for Social Support Indigent Programme

City of Tshwane Opens Application for Social Support Indigent Programme

City of Tshwane encourages qualifying households to apply for the social support indigent programme.

The City of Tshwane is committed to delivering services to the most vulnerable groups in Tshwane. Therefore, our coalition govemment is continuing with the indigent support programme.

The indigent programme is aimed at assisting residents who are unable to pay for municipal services. This programme also serves as a vehicle to fight poverty.

The indigent programme is offered through the City’s Community and Social Development Services Department.

Qualifying households receive the following free basic services:

• Provision and connection of a prepaid electricity meter

• Provision of 100 kWh of electricity per month

• Provision of 12 kt of water per month

• Refuse bin for refuse removal

• 100% rebate on the value of the property and on refuse removal

No debt collection or credit control measures will be instituted against these indigent households for as long as consumption over and above the free use is paid in full.

As the MMC for Social Development and Community Services, I would like to encourage disadvantaged households to come forward and apply for this service by visiting your nearest regional office, where you will be directed to the customer relations office that will assist with the application process.

To apply for registration as an indigent beneficiary, households must visit their nearest City of Tshwane regional offices for an application form and provide documented proof as required.

A residential household can only be registered as indigent if it meets all the following criteria:

• The total monthly household income of all household members does not exceed the joint amount of two state old-age pensions, excluding any child support grants and foster care grants.

• The applicant and any other members of the household do not own other fixed property than the one in which they reside.

• The applicant lives at the property for which he/she is applying, unless the applicant is a legal guardian applying on behalf of a child-headed household.

• The person or applicant applying should be the registered owner or municipal tenant as defined in the policy, except when a guardian applies on behalf of a child-headed household.

• The applicant is an occupant of property of the Northwest Housing Corporation or the City of Tshwane.

• The applicant has a services account with the City of Tshwane.

• The applicant is a South African citizen.

• The applicant is a child from a child-headed household who is 18 years and older.

Enquiries: Luthando Kolwapi [email protected]

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