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Columbia World Projects (CWP) Internship Program 2023

Deadline: November 20, 2022, 11:59 PM ET

Columbia World Projects (CWP) Internship Program 2023

The Columbia World Projects (CWP) Internship Program is a multidisciplinary training initiative that offers both Columbia University undergraduate and graduate students internship opportunities that provide real-world contributions to CWP-specific initiatives that support social impact in New York City and around the world. CWP interns will work alongside experts, faculty, and other academics to engage in the design, implementation and/or evaluation of CWP strategy, programs or operations under the ongoing mentorship of CWP experts and staff. This paid opportunity is open to students enrolled in any school within Columbia University and can be structured in alignment with various School or Program practicum requirements. Interns will be paid $15-20 per hour commensurate with experience.

Opportunities: Columbia World Projects (CWP) Internship Program 2023

Communications: The CWP communications team is working to develop a new brand identity for Columbia Global, a new partnership between CWP, Columbia Global Centers, and the Institute for Ideas & Imagination. The communications intern will build a collection of social impact branding guidelines for staff members and will co-design a framework to train and educate staff on how to become stewards of Columbia Global’s brand. The intern will co facilitate staff trainings, provide input on brand identity standards, conduct website review, assist with marketing efforts, write news pieces, and provide input on a multi-month brand rollout. Through this internship, the intern will gain experience in brand strategy and implementation, a familiarity with digital tools for communication, and insight into leading an organization through a brand rollout.

Learning and Innovation: CWP’s learning and innovation team is planning its inaugural Fourth Purpose conference for spring 2023, which will raise the visibility of Columbia-based research to action initiatives that are making a difference in the world. The learning and innovation intern will help conceptualize and execute the conference, including drafting session materials, proposing panel discussion questions, and participating in planning meetings and proposing ideas for the approach to the session. Through this internship, the intern will be instrumental in developing a large-scale event, helping to support the next generation of social impact leaders, and helping Columbia realize its Fourth Purpose mission.

Obama Foundation Scholars Program: The Obama Foundation Scholars Program at Columbia University brings together rising leaders from around the world who have demonstrated a commitment to finding solutions to challenges in their communities and countries. The program seeks an intern to assist in the selection of the 2023-2024 cohort of Scholars, including the reviewing and scoring of applications and assisting in the coordination of key portions of the application cycle. The intern will also explore a rollout of alumni newsletters and assemble a new Scholar handbook. Through this internship, the intern will become familiar with facilitating an international leadership development program, including its highly selective application process, ongoing alumni engagement, and supporting social change leaders from around the world.

Projects: CWP’s Transforming Wastewater in the United States project is working to strengthen water infrastructure in communities that have been historically under-resourced and/or disproportionately experience the impact of infrastructure failure. The projects intern will help to identify and connect local jurisdictions and communities to resources by conducting a landscape analysis of funding infrastructure, interviewing key stakeholders, and creating a summary report and presentation of methods, findings and action steps. Through this internship, the intern will be able to play a role in contributing to the development of tools and resources that will connect federal and state resources allocated to water infrastructure to under-resourced communities.

Research and Engagement: CWP’s research and engagement work on democratic renewal explores what sustains and ails liberal democracies around the world and how to revitalize democratic institutions that appear fragile and fraying. The research and engagement intern will provide research assistance on directions for current work (elections and voting; the impact and governance of digital platforms). The intern will support the team in conducting literature reviews and network maps of researchers, research institutions, and practitioner organizations in the areas of elections and voting, digital platform governance, and other priority areas. Through this internship, the intern will inform the role that CWP can play in building knowledge and connecting it to practice in these areas, assist with the planning and organizing of CWP events, and have the opportunity to develop a research project in an area of their interest.

Special Initiatives: CWP’s Special Initiatives team is working to expand organizational initiatives for Columbia Global, a new partnership between CWP, Columbia Global Centers, and the Institute for Ideas & Imagination as announced by President Bollinger in July. The Special Initiatives intern will support the creation of a tool kit that will guide this expansion, including research into operation processes and strategies, landscape analysis in various areas, and the creation of documents and guidelines. Through this internship, the intern will help operationalize a new Columbia initiative while becoming familiar with organizational growth and expansion.

Strategies and Partnerships: The CWP Strategies and Partnerships (S&P) unit leads CWP’s efforts to develop and implement strategic objectives and priorities, partnerships, development strategy, and awards management functions. The S&P intern will work on projects that include analyzing data and insights from the inaugural Impact Awards, assisting with the rollout of a CWP Partnership Incubator, and assisting with resource mobilization and stakeholder mapping. Through this internship, the intern will become familiar with strategy formation, resource mobilization, and partnership management focused on growth and transformational change.

Please complete an application by November 20, 2022, 11:59 PM ET to be considered for the
program. Learn more about each position and apply at https://cwp.submittable.com/submit.

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