Comprehensive Agricultural Support Programme (CASP) Fund 2022-2023 for Western Cape

Deadline:31 JULY 2021

Comprehensive Agricultural Support Programme (CASP) Fund 2022-2023 for Western Cape

Applications are now open for Comprehensive Agricultural Support Programme (CASP) Fund 2022-2023 for Western Cape.

The Comprehensive Agricultural Support Programme (CASP) was established by the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development (DALRRD) and is implemented by the Western Cape Department of Agriculture through its commodity focused approach in an effort to extend its services to farmers within the Province.

The strategic goal of this programme is to create a favourable and supportive agricultural service environment for farming community including subsistence, smallholder and
commercial land reform beneficiaries.

Any request for assistance should follow the process stipulated below and comply with the requirements as stated on the checklist of the application form. Failure to comply
with the requirements will automatically disqualify your application.

Comprehensive Agricultural Support Programme (CASP) Fund 2022-2023 APPLICATION PROCESS

To ensure a faster and a more efficient service, applicants are advised to adhere to the process detailed below.



• Production is mainly for own consumption, whilst surplus produce is sold for income security.
• Must have legal access to land (owned or leased),
• In the case of leased land, applicant must have a lease arrangement of no less than 3 – 5 years,
• Must have access to irrigation water or be willing to use recycled water (no municipal drinking water can be used for irrigation),
• Requests must be submitted at your local Department of Agriculture office. Households will be sourced from municipal indigent registers,
• Referrals from the Department of Health, Social Development etc.

• Must have legal access to land (owned or leased),
• In the case of leased land, the applicant must have a lease arrangement for not less than 9 year 11 months (preferable removable structures) and a longer lease period of at
least 15 years is required for long term crops, note that it may require a notarial deed on the title deed of the farm.
• Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs), approved building plans and water licence registration must first be obtained before application for funding and Record Of
Decision (ROD) of EIA to be attached.,
• Must be a land reform project,
• Must have the potential to create and sustain jobs,
• Must contribute to redress in the agricultural sector,
• Agri-processing project initiatives will be considered,
• Equity Scheme projects must adhere or comply with the latest AgriBEE framework,
• Must have legal access to water and the proof must be attached.


• Must have access to adequate production inputs (raw materials) for proposed agri-processing activities,
• In the case of leased land or production premises, the applicant must have a lease arrangement for not less than 3 years (preferably removable structures),
• An applicant must submit a completed application form and business plan with detailed agri-processing/beneficiation activities, budget plans and projected income
statement and balance sheet, for a period of at least three years for the project. The project/business must exhibit economic merit in terms of sustainability,
• Must have the potential to create and sustain jobs,


• Obtain a request form from your local office of the Department, or
• Applicants are encouraged to make contact with the nearest extension office for guidance and support, where required.
• Submit completed form to the nearest office within the required time frame accompanied by all the supporting / required compliance documentation as per checklist in
application form.
E.g. tax clearance certificate, security of tenure documentation (copy of title deed or valid lease contract), etc..
• It is a compulsory requirement that all applicants be registered on the Producer/Farmer Register and that the registration reference number be quoted on the application
form where indicated.
• Once the application is received, the Department will confirm receipt in writing and advise further on the process.
• A farm visit may be done to confirm/verify information submitted as per the application form.


Once the project is approved, the applicant will be expected to enter into a contract with the Department of Agriculture or its project managers committing to the following:
The conditions of implementation:
• Commitment to ensure effective and productive usage of all equipment and inputs (assets may be removed if not used productively/misused),
• Give the Department access to financial, production and sales records of the business – through participation in the Financial Record Keeping Programme (FRK), and
Production Record Keeping Programme (PRPK), or any other recognised business management system.
• Commit to allow the Department access to the farm or business premises for extension and advisory services and monitoring purposes.
• Commitment to attend project meetings with the Department when required to do so.
• Commitment to participate in the capacity building and training programmes facilitated by the Department and its commodity partners

For more Information: Visit the website for Comprehensive Agricultural Support Programme (CASP) Fund 2022-2023

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