Corporate Young Ventures Acceleration Program- GIZ 2021 for kenya Enterprising Youths

Deadline: 14th April 2021

Corporate Young Ventures Acceleration Program– GIZ 2021 for kenya Enterprising Youths

SME Support Centre Limited  has partnered with GIZ, INTREGRATION and MERU GREENS EPZ LIMITED in the first ever corporate young ventures acceleration program.
This is a program aimed at initially supporting Kenya young agri-business SMEs who are looking to scale their business.

Through a partnership with a corporate partner, the young agri-business SME will have an opportunity to be mentored, opportunity to have B2B sales opportunities, opportunity to receive investment in the business , opportunity to access a leading network of experts in agribusiness including productivity experts.

Are you qualified for the program?

Eligibility Criteria

    • An agribusiness entity
    • A young venture between 2 and 7 years old
    • Women and youth 18 -35 years
    • Yearly turnover KES 5 million to 50 million
    • One co-founder who is full time in business
    • Commitment to full participation in the process

For more Information: Visit the website for Corporate Young Ventures Acceleration Program- GIZ 2021 for kenyan Enterprising Youths

Israel Wellington Jeremiah
Israel Wellington Jeremiah is the Admin and publisher at Empowerment Opportunities. A seasoned online publicist and an entrepreneur.

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