Daniel Boone Area High School (DBAHS) Internship Program and Pre-Apprenticeship Program 2023

Daniel Boone Area High School (DBAHS) Internship Program and Pre-Apprenticeship Program 2023

Daniel Boone Area High School (DBAHS) Internship Program and Pre-Apprenticeship Program 2023

Daniel Boone Area High School (DBAHS) is excited to introduce our Internship and Pre-Apprenticeship Programs. Internships can provide students numerous benefits. We see the importance for our students to gain valuable work experience, explore career pathways, assess abilities, refine skills, make connections and enhance life readiness.

School or community-sponsored pre-apprenticeship programs can be valuable training approaches and serve as the start of a career pathway, which can lead to apprenticeship opportunities.  Apprenticeship programs pave the way for career-building, and lifelong learning through the attainment of stackable credentials. The foundation of the apprenticeship model is the continual building of skills and the ability for workers to obtain higher levels of employment in an occupation or industry.

Juniors and Seniors who have, and maintain, satisfactory attendance and academic standing are eligible to participate. Contact your guidance counselor to discuss a possible workplace experience.

Pre-Apprenticeship Program

Seniors interested in learning more about the Pre-Apprenticeship Program offered through our partnership with ABC Keystone, should click on the website below. Reach out to your counselor for further information on this class offered at DBAHS.


DBAHS Internship Program

The DBAHS Internship Program is a learning experience which brings the school and community together. The goal of the program is to provide juniors/seniors at DBAHS an opportunity to learn from professionals in our community. Students will participate in a workplace experience with a mentor in their desired future career field while receiving course credit. Request a meeting with your school counselor to see if you are eligible for this type of opportunity.

Through our partnership with Discovery Education, our students have access to a wide variety of virtual field trips ranging from K-12.

The Virtual Field Trip Channel allows our students to learn beyond the classroom walls and enter some of the world’s most iconic locations for rich and immersive learning experiences—no permission slips required.

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  1. DBAHS – Choir
  2. Halter Construction & Excavating LLC (1)
  3. Halter Construction & Excavating LLC (2)
  4. DBAHS – Life Skills
  5. Pottstown School District IT Dept.
  6. Goodwill Keystone Area
  7. DBAHS – Computer Science
  8. DBAHS – Music
  9. DBAHS – Athletic Training
  10. DBAMS – 5th Grade
  11. MB Equine
  12. DBAPC – 1st. Grade
  13. DBAHS Main Office Assistant 1
  14. Local Business
  15. DBAHS Main Office Assistant 2
  16. DBAHS – School Counseling
  17. DBAPC – Kindergarten
  18. DBAHS – Main Office Assistant 3
  19. DBAHS – Athletics
  20. Fatkin Natural Healing – Nutrition
  21. Hill Impact Program – State Police
  22. NextHome Alliance
  23. DBAIC – General Music
  24. DBAMS – 8th Grade
  25. DBASD – Speech Therapy
  26. Animal Rescue League – Berks
  27. Lords and Ladies Salon and Medical Spa
  28. DBASD – Occupational Therapy
  29. DBAMS – 8th Grade 
  30. DBASD – Business Dept.
  31. One Touch Audio & Video
  32. Exeter Fitness and Training
  33. Cox Automotive
  34. DBAHS English
  35. Kessler Law Offices, LLC
  36. Kyle Myers Fitness
  37. Dunkin’ Donuts
  38. DBAPC – 1st Grade
  39. Boyertown YMCA
  40. DBAMS – 5th Grade

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