DAY 1- Bayelsa Global Entrepreneurship Week 2019 (PHOTOS)

Bayelsa Global Entrepreneurship Week 2019 officially kicked off today at the Bayelsa Tech Hub., 4th Floor, Transparency Building, Oxbow Lake Road, Yenagoa.
Day 1 which was centered on Entrepreneurship in Bayelsa state and its challenges. It was very exciting as the panelists and attendees discussed in depth and gave a lot of insight on the every life of entrepreneurs in Bayelsa State.
On the panel was Victor Binawari (MD/CEO Squilful Koncept), Zigha Ayebakuro (MD/CEO ZAL), Patrick Tamara (CEO Karick Nigeria Ltd), Ebiae Henry (MD/CEO Zoraz Technologies), Preye Ogubo (Creative Director, Zoe Naturals) and moderated by Asieri Odusi (Founder/Team Lead Efikomedia Digital Agency).
Some of the challenges highlighted included;
– Lack of enabling environment
– Access to finance
– Power challenge
– Poor market acceptance
– Poor human capital development
– Lackadaisical attitude of young people towards work
Some of the attendees gave suggestions on how to improve the enterprise space in Bayelsa state, some of which includes;
– Creation of a Business
– Brand Development Meet-up
– Bringing the Apprenticeship model
– Creating a Business Advocacy group, amongst others.
Day 2 will cover Technology and Finance.
10 am tomorrow
Don’t miss it.
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