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DBE May/June Matric Examination Results Released


The Department of Basic Education has released the results of the May/June matric examinations. Candidates can obtain their statements of results from the centres where they wrote the examinations.
The May/June Examinations is one of the two Grade 12 national examinations conducted by the Department of Basic Education on a yearly basis.

This examination offers a second examination opportunity to candidates who wrote the October/November Examinations and want to improve their results or candidates who were absent from the October/November examination due to valid reasons.

This examination also serves as an examination for adult candidates who are over the age of 21 and older, but have a minimum of a Grade 9 or its equivalent. The writing of the 2023 Grade 12 May/June Examinations commenced on Wednesday 3 May 2023 and concluded on Wednesday 14 June 2023.

The May/June examination accommodates candidates that are registered for two sep- arate qualifications i.e. the National Senior Certificate (NSC) and the Senior Certificate (SC). Candidates registered for these two separate qualifications write the same ex- amination, but are issued with two separate qualifications.

The NSC is written by candidates that are at school and would have written the previous October/November examination and the Senior Certificate is written by adult candidates.
The number of candidates who registered for the Senior Certificate (SC) and National Senior Certificate (NSC) for the May/June 2023 Examinations was 93 634 and 185 907 respectively.

Thus a total of 279 541 candidates enrolled to write this examination. 17 641 SC candidates registered for six or more subjects for this examination and therefore depending on their results, they could obtain the full qualification from this sitting.

The examination was successfully administered despite the challenges posed by incidents such as community service delivery protests. There were no serious examination irregularities that posed a threat to the integrity and credibility of the examination, as a whole.

A serious concern relating to the May/June examinations is the low turn up by candidates to sit for this examination. In the case of the NSC candidates, 60% of the candidates turned up to write the examination while in the case of the SC candidates only 53% of the candidates wrote the examination. The DBE is exploring measures that could be implemented for future years, to increase the candidate turn out for these examinations.

Candidates in the May/June examination write one or more individual subjects and therefore the results can only be reported in terms of subject performance.

nsc candidates

Candidate that are not pleased with their performance in a subject can request for a remark or recheck of his/her script and/or even request to view the script.

The centres where the candidates wrote their examination will assist the candidate to complete the relevant application forms for a remark/recheck. Application for remark/recheck can also be done on-line on eservices.gov.za.

Application for remark/recheck closes on 21 August 2023. Candidates also have the option of viewing their scripts if they are not satisfied with the results of the remark/re- check.

Only NSC candidates who wrote the May/June examination are granted another opportunity to write the 2023 October/November examination. The closing date for registration of these candidates is 21 August 2023.

These candidates must complete their registration forms at the examination centre where they wrote the examination or at the nearest district.

There is no on-line registration option for these candidates. Senior Certificate (SC) candidates can only register to write the 2024 May/June ex- amination and the closing date is 9 February 2024.

The registration will be open from 2 October 2023. Registration for the 2024 May/June examinations can be done on- line or at the examination centre where the examination was written or at the nearest district office.


Candidates that register to write the 2023 October/November examination or the 2024 May/June examination are reminded of the Second Chance Matric Programme that is a support programme to prepare candidates to write the examination. The support is provided to registered learners through four different platforms, viz: face-to-face classes, radio and television broadcasts, digital materials and provision of study materials in hard copies.

Face-to-face classes are provided at 100 centres throughout the country. Lessons are also broadcast using both televisions and radio channels. The programmes are pro- vided through the Openview Channel (201) and DSTV Channel (319).

The educational programmes are available through the DBE YouTube channel and SABC 1 and through the SABC regional radio stations throughout the country in different languages. Study materials are also available in digital format and online.

The study materials include Mind the Gap study Guides, FET revision booklets, Siyavula Textbooks, Grade 12 Exemplars, Past Examination Papers and marking guide- lines are available.

The Department has established partnerships with Vodacom and MTN telecomm companies who made their online e-School platforms available to their subscribers at no cost. Hard copy study guides also available to learners. Study materials also available from the South African National Libraries through-out the country. These libraries will provide access to the Internet to learners. The study materials and additional information are available on this link: https://www.education.gov.za/Pro- grammes/Second Chance Programme.aspx

For more information about the SCMP, please send questions or comments on this WhatsApp number: 063 696 7246.

Candidates are encouraged to take advantage of all of these opportunities that are offered to them in terms of support and writing the national examination that will grant them access to the matric certificate.


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