DBE Says Over 100 000 Learners Not Yet In Class

Department of Basic Education (DBE) Proposed 2024 Calendar School Year

DBE News – DBE Says Over 100 000 Learners Not Yet In Class

In todays latest DBE News– Recently, the Education Department has released a report on the high number of learners that hadn’t returned to class in public schools for 2022. The Education Department will further engage with relevant stakeholders for the unaccounted number of learners.

Around 158 000 learners who attend public schools haven’t yet returned to class for the 2022 academic year.

The Department of Education has only recorded data from seven provinces, excluding Mpumalanga and Eastern Cape.

According to the Education Department’s spokesperson, the data is not yet available because the Education Department is still validating it.

Department of Basic Education (DBE) Minister Angie Motshekga released these stats at a meeting with teachers’ unions and school governing body associations along with the principal association.

The Department of Basic Education has expressed how this concerning for them.

In a live interview on ENCA, DBE spokesperson Elijah Mhlanga said:

The stakeholders that we worked with committed to working with the department to make sure that all those learners come back to school.

Basic Education is set to have another meeting with teacher unions, SGB, and principal associations in the upcoming two weeks.

The department is confident those learners will either be back in school or will be accounted for at that time.

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