Deadline for 2023 UNEB UCE UACE AND PLE Candidates Registration Nears

Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) 2022 Timetable

Deadline for 2023 UNEB UCE UACE AND PLE Candidates Registration Nears

Last call to register UNEB 2023 candidates

The normal registration period for this year’s candidates of the Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE), Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE), and Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) ends on May 31, 2023. Accordingly, the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) calls on the responsible parties to ensure that all potential candidates are dully registered during this period to avoid a surcharge.

Those responsible for uploading the candidates’ bio-data are advised to verify the accuracy of the data submitted with the candidates, before final submission. Look out for spelling and order of names, date of birth, gender, institutional choices, and ensure that the correct photograph is attached. In case there is need for amendment after submission, the responsible person is advised to contact UNEB directly. Where the amendment involves changing the name and date of birth, please come along with a birth certificate and a letter of consent from the parent/guardian. Amendments made before May 31, will be free of charge. Thereafter, a fee will be charged for any alteration to the registration data. Also Read: Uneb Examination Centers 2023 Training Dates and Schedule

Caution against registering private candidates as Government sponsored candidates

Heads of government aided schools are hereby cautioned not to register privately sponsored candidates as government sponsored candidates. This is a fraudulent practice which causes financial loss to government. Any head of an examination centre or school director discovered to have indulged in this practice shall pay twice the amount that has been defrauded. Relevant laws on fraud will also be applied on such head teachers or directors and in addition, the examination centre number of the school shall be withdrawn.

Display of candidates’ registers/Slips

As provided for in the UNEB Act 2021 S.4 (2), Head teachers and District/City / Municipal Inspectors of Schools shall display the register of the candidates in a visible place at the school and district noticeboards respectively. When that time comes, Parents, candidates and other interested parties shall he expected to confirm the registration status of the learners as well as the accuracy of data provided. Finally, I would like to commend the candidates, parents, !leads of Centres, teachers, District, City and Municipal Inspectors of Schools for the efforts so far put in to register candidates. May God bless all your endeavours.

Da .Odongo

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