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DePaul College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Community- and Project-Based Learning (CPBL) Internship Scholarships Program 2023

Deadline: January 9, 2023

DePaul College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Community- and Project-Based Learning (CPBL) Internship Scholarships Program 2023

DePaul College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences invites LAS undergraduate and graduate students to apply to the Community and Project Based Learning (CPBL) Internship Scholarship program.

Internships during the regular academic year must be credit bearing, though the amount of credit earned through the associated course is up to the student and their academic or internship advisor to determine. Associated courses may be formal internship courses, independent studies, or content courses, as appropriate to the student’s degree program.

All awards are issued as scholarships to the student’s tuition account. They are treated as financial aid, but a student is not required to have “need.” Please speak with Student Accounts to confirm what impact this will have on your tuition account and how money will be disbursed if there are no current tuition charges.

Application Deadlines

To be considered for a scholarship, students must submit their applications no later than the deadlines below. Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis, however, earlier submissions mean earlier notification.

Quarter of InternshipApplication OpensApplication Deadline
2023 Winter QuarterDecember 7, 2022January 9, 2023

The LAS Community- and Project-Based Learning Internship Scholarship supports student interns as they work on clearly-defined projects for non-profit, non-governmental, or governmental organizations. Project-based learning is an approach to education that allows students to apply their classroom experiences and learning to projects that address “real world problems.”

In your scholarship application, you must clearly describe the project(s) on which you will be working during your internship.

When applying, it is also essential that you be able to articulate the connection between your project and the work of the community organization for whom you are interning.

Your project should be designed to be responsive to the needs of the internship site, not only your personal or professional interests. Ideally, the project will unite the needs of the organization with your skills and goals. In this way, it will allow you not only to contribute directly to the work of the organization, but to deepen your understanding of that organization’s mission, constituencies, and/or challenges.

Please be aware that that the committee may ask for additional information on the project if it is not clearly described.

You are eligible to apply if you meet the following requirements:

  • You are a currently enrolled rising sophomore, junior, senior, or Master’s student in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. (Students whose home college is not LAS, but who have a double major or minor in a program within LAS, are eligible.)
  • You are in good academic and disciplinary standing with the University.
  • You have not received another scholarship for this internship (internships for which you are receiving wages from the internship site are eligible).
  • You are committed to an internship of at least 10 weeks in length. (Please do not apply if you cannot make this 10-week committment.)
  • You have made arrangements with a faculty member in the College of LAS to act as your Faculty Sponsor and to fill out a Faculty Sponsor Validation Form on your behalf. (This form is not a letter of recommendation, but instead a brief form seeking the faculty’s input in support of your internship. We will send the form to your sponsor upon receipt of your application.)


    Note: Internship Validation Forms may only be submitted via the Depaul Scholarship Connect tool.

  • Your internship will allow you to work on a project or projects related to your academic skills or interests, designed in collaboration with the internship site, for the benefit of the community or organization.
  • Your internship will take place at a domestic or international non-profit, non-governmental organization, or government entity.

Applicants for CPBL scholarships must complete our online scholarship application with DePaul Scholarship Connect, as follows:

  1. Name, contact information, demographic information, emergency contacts, safety waiver, degree program details, name of internship site, and inclusive dates (confirmed or proposed) of internship.
  2. Description of Internship Activities:
    • Describe your internship site (or intended site) and its mission.
    • Describe your internship role and anticipated responsibilities, including the project(s) that you will be working on, as you understand them now.
    • How will this internship relate to your academic interests or skills, and what do you hope to learn that will enhance your education?
    • How does this internship fit with what you have already done, and what you hope to do in the future? How will this internship facilitate your exploration of a career/vocation?
    • Why should you be selected for funding?
    • If this is an international internship, describe your plans for travel, housing, and general safety/support. International internships may not be in countries on the U.S. State Department Restricted Travel Warning List. NOTE: If your internship is international, you must be registered with the Office of Global Engagement 90 days prior to departure. You must also purchase DePaul University’s travel health and accident insurance plan provided by Cultural Insurance Services International, CISI. Further information will be provided upon selection and failure to register will revoke your internship funding.
  3. An unofficial transcript.
  4. The name, title, and department/program of your faculty sponsor.

Once you have submitted your application, your faculty sponsor will be contacted by us to complete the Internship Validation Form. It is essential that you have spoken with and received the consent of a faculty member to act as your sponsor, and that your sponsor is willing to oversee and endorse your internship placement.

Apply through the DePaul Scholarship Connect tool.

  1. Log into DePaul Scholarship Connect using your Campus Connect ID and password.
  2. Complete and submit the General Application.
  3. Your General Application will be marked with a green checkmark to indicate that it has been completed and submitted successfully.
  4. If it is gray, the application was not submitted successfully; try again.
  5. After submitting the General Application, you will be automatically routed to opportunities for which you qualify. You may also search for “Community- and Project-Based Learning.”
  6. Apply by clicking on the blue “Apply” button beside each scholarship.

The General Application must be completed every academic year starting July 1st. If you complete the General Application for other DePaul scholarships, then you may immediately search for the CPBL internship scholarship.

For more information, please click here

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